10 Usability Mistakes That Will Kill Your Online Sales



You already know that usability on your website greatly influences your rank, but what are you doing to ensure your website is user-friendly? You assume your website is operating just fine, but you designed it, it is yours and you know how it works.

What about those who know nothing about your website?

It’s important you take an objective look at your website before signing it off as “good.” Also, it’s important to make sure you’re not committing one of the many mistakes. That can kill your usability rating.

These are the common mistakes that everyone does:

Your Website is Too Complex


Do users have to go through four or five menu options just to reach their destination? A website should be simple. Navigation should be on the left or top of the page — where it is easily recognized. Links should be easy to identify and the page structure should be logical. If users have to struggle to navigate your site, it’s unlikely they’ll stay long enough to purchase let alone return in the future.


Your Site Isn’t Useful

Your website should allow users to achieve the results they want to achieve in as little time as possible. Therefore, your web page should be built around what your users’ need — not what you think they need. Do some real research and see what users are looking for in a website like yours before you officially launch your own.


Poor Spelling and Grammar

Nothing stands out more than a spelling error on a webpage. Make sure your site is free of spelling errors and grammatical errors. Errors that are easily recognized can make users doubt your capabilities and lower their trust level. Use tools like Grammarly, Hemingway to write clear and concise without grammatical errors.


Don’t Offer Too Many Options

Users shouldn’t have to pick through multiple options just to get where they need to get. Your site needs to remove the distractions that can keep users from actually buying, signing up, etc.

Slow Page Speed affects Website Traffic

If your page loading speed is so slow, it will be definitely effected in your website traffic. Why should a user wait for too long for your website? They have a number of other websites that are providing the similar services as you offer. 


A simple thing that the chances of users get back from your site and navigate to others. So, the page speed is very important in the case of website traffic. 

If you really care about improving your website traffic, it is necessary to work on your web page speed

Too many ads

Too many ads on your website will automatically kill your website traffic. Your visitors or your audience feel very uncomfortable if too many ads shown on your website if they are seeking your service from your website.

Page fold information at the below of your web page

When visitors visit your page, it can make them less than a moment to analyze whether your site is well worth their time or not. Page folding is the only thing that is most crucial for your web site and must be taken into account before the rest when you are designing your website.

When you have a limited time to make an impression on your visitors, you need to make sure you impress them in time, this is where Page fold comes into the picture. When all the necessary info on your page is beneath the page folds then users leave your web site in seconds. The best thing you may do is to maintain all the pertinent info, call to action buttons and messages over the page fold.

Only a few of the visitors go to the bottom of the site. If you would like to make sure a fantastic amount of traffic is there on your webpage, you have to follow this measure.

Interfering Pop-Ups

Visitors don’t like pop-ups, the first reaction to pop-up ads would be to want to close them. Pop-ups can be very annoying when it gets in the way of users. Pop-ups are extremely bad for the user experience and may increase the bounce speed. They aren’t even indexed by search engines.

While pop-ups can be an excellent tool for increasing your e-mail signups, Prevent too many distractions on your site, don’t let the pop-ups get in the way. Your pop-ups are going to be better value if you do them very important and it matters to your user. 

You might even use a banner instead.

Large Media files

Even though beautiful graphics are remarkable and attention-grabbing, the big media file size may affect your search engine optimization efforts. Huge media documents make a page slower in loading. This may not cover well for the search engine optimization performance of your or your user experience.

Optimize your page speed by compressing media files. Make sure you use the tool. Which compresses to a file size without harming its own quality.

Improper or poor 404 pages

It is what comes up whenever you try to reach a page on an internet site that can’t be found on the website’s server. Custom error pages are extremely nice and are a chance to play with imagination.

Website 404 errorSimilar to this one here it’s necessary your error page has a link that contributes to the homepage. If not, search engines will report this as a broken internal connection, reducing your website’s search ranking.

October 3rd, 2020 07:16 am