What Is a BLOG? 


It is a platform where a person writes his/her views on any topic. A blog is the best way to represent your articles in front of an online audience. Nowadays, over 80% of the audience use the internet searching for information.

They interact on social media and learn stuff. Through a blog, your article reaches a huge audience within less period of time. In the 21st century, billions of people follow many blogs. Through the blog, they get knowledge and the latest news on a day to day topics.

Blogger by Google 

Google provides Blogger, an online platform for bloggers to post their blog. You can create a custom URL for your website and publish your blog online. It’s free of cost. Many people get confused with the blog and bloggers.

Both terms have a different meaning. A blog is where you write articles. And blogger is someone who writes the article . Blogger is a person. There are so many bloggers in the world who are writing for the past 10-15 years.

Domain and URL

Google always uses the .com extension. Once you select your blog name, .com extension will include with your blog name. Your URL will be something like www.danial.blogspot.com. In this address, Danial is the blog name.

This name should be unique. Blog name can include letters, numbers, and hyphen (-). The characters of the name should be between a least 1 character to a maximum of 37 characters.

You can create a blog using your Gmail id. In every URL address, the .com extension is used. But when you open your site, the extension will change as per your country code. If your address is www.demo.blogspot.com and a visitor from the United States opens it, the address will change to www.demo.blogspot.us by itself.

Google tracks your IP (Internet Protocol) address and changes blog extension accordingly. The .com extension is used worldwide. Every country has its own domain extension like .in for India, .au for Australia, .de for Germany, .us for the United States and so on.

Language Settings

You can create blogs in many languages like English, French, German, Hindi and more without any restriction. The country language is set by default. You can change blog language in blog settings.

Theme Settings

During the creation of a blog, you have to select a theme. There are many colorful themes available in Blogger. Picture theme, travel theme, classic themes, and many more themes.

Google provides all of these themes free of cost. You can also upload your personal theme here. The latest and elegant themes are available on the internet. Before uploading the personal theme, you should take a backup of your current theme.

Sometimes your personal theme will not support your current themes gadgets. So, you should take precautions. It’s very easy to take a backup of the current theme. Download current theme backup which is available on the blog.


Google blogger hosting is free of cost. Hosting means a space on a server where your blog/website files save and you can access anytime, anywhere. If you create a website, you have to buy hosting from like Milesweb, Bluehost, etc.

Hosting rates cost Rs. 300 per month. Without hosting you can’t run a website. Websites related to education, local business, tutorials prefer hosting. Blog hosting provides limited space on the server. Shopping websites, high traffic websites prefer hosting on a website host with a single server.

It takes full space of the server. Hosting plays a vital role in the website. Hosting is like a home where the website will stay. If you are thinking to start a blog then I recommend Blogger by Google for you.

The hosting of Google Bloger is free and safe. The response time is good and it has a huge space. It can run 500 blogs through one Gmail id. You will have backup, up to date hosting software and a free domain.

You could go for another hosting. But you might face problems like server response, server error, busy server. So, Google hosting is best as compare to other hosting.

Custom Domain

Google blogger provides a third-party URL for your blog. It is also known as a chaning blogger to a custom domain or custom domain name. When you create a blog, your URL comes with .blogspot.

It will be www.dummy.blogspot.com. To remove this Blogspot from URL, you have to buy a domain name from sites like MilesWeb, GoDaddy, etc. Domain costs according to domain extension.

As in the .com extension domain is costlier than the country domain. It means .us, .au domain are cheaper than .com domain. If your target audience is worldwide then you can buy .com domain. If not, you may opt for the country domain. It is easier to rank on Google through the country domain.

You can buy the domain for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years. After completion of the year, you have to pay some amount and renew your domain. In Google blogger settings, you can redirect your URL to the new domain name. If a visitor opens your blog, they will be redirected to your new domain name.

Features of Blog

There are many features or characteristics of a blog. I’m explaining the main features of the blog in this article:

1. Google AdSense

Many people still don’t understand the benefits of having a blog. The main benefit of this is you can earn money through blogs without any investment.

Google AdSense is a tool provided by Google. Through this, you can earn money as well as a huge number of followers. Google AdSense is an advertisement/add provided by Google.

You can put some advertisements published by Google on your blog. When users come to read your article, they will see the advertisements. We call it Impressions. For every 1000 impressions, Google will pay money to you. When a visitor clicks on an advertisement, it becomes Advertisement Click.

You can earn money from every click. Google AdSense feature is available on Google Blogger. In Google AdSense, there are many advertisement sizes like 160*600 wide skyscraper, 300*250 medium rectangle, 728*90 leader board and so on.

Many people are afraid of the approval of Google AdSense. Don’t get afraid. Google is a user-friendly website. It will approve those blogs that are user-friendly and those who do not include adult content. You have to consider a few points before sending approval for your AdSense.

• High-Quality Content

Google will approve content that have unique content. That is because Google loves fresh content. Most bloggers spin their content or use duplicate content and put on their article. This is a wrong technique to run your blog. It is also known as the Black Hat Technique in SEO/Digital Marketing.

• Word Limit of Article

New bloggers write 300-400 words and put copyright images on the blog. This is not the right way to represent it. Always try to write articles with 1300-1500 words. Do not use copyright images. Copyright images are those images where the company name is mentioned in the image. Google gives priority to content that has set this word limit.

• Privacy Policy, About Us & Contact Us Page

Privacy Policy Page lets Google know you are not a fake website. It means you are providing relevant information to the public.

About Us Page describes you and your website. It will establish a relationship between you and your reader. Through this reader will start trusting you.

Contact Us page should mention your official email id like abc@company.com. In this, you could also provide social networking links. Like, Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram. You may also provide a contact form on your blog page. Through this reader can mention his views about your blog and give feedback.

In this article, I’m explaining many characteristics of the blog. But Google AdSense is one of the main features. It plays a vital role in any website.

2. Schedule Post

Another characteristic of a blog is Schedule Post. This feature is very useful for bloggers. You can post articles, pictures, and jokes and schedule it. If you want to post a blog tomorrow but you are busy, you can post it today and schedule it for tomorrow.

If your readers live in the US and you live in the UK. So, you can easily schedule your post according to US timing. Through this, your readers will get to receive your articles on time.

3. Statistics of your Page

One more advantage of a blog is Statistics. This feature plays a vital role in the blog. Through this, you can check how many page views you receive on a daily basis.

Statistics will show which audience from which country visits your blog the most. It will also show you which browser the readers used to visit your blog. You can also check the operating system (OS) visitor used.

Statistics also provide Traffic Sources on the page. With this, you can check from which website users visit your blog. If the visitor is coming through Facebook post or Google come to your blog directly. Traffic sources also provide you with keyword details. You will know through which keyword a visitor came to your blog.

Statistics also provide you data with page views on every post. This lets you can understand which posts get higher page views and which posts get comments. This is very beneficial for your blog. If a large number of visitors visit a single post then you can promote this post on social media. By this, your post will fetch more visitors.

4. Change Blog domain to Custom Domain

Every blogger faces this problem. Every blogger wants to remove .blogspot from the blog URL. In professional blogs, .blogpost does not look nice. So, you can buy a domain as per your need like .com, .in, .au, .us. After buying a domain name you can easily change your current URL to the new URL. For Example, if your blog URL is abc.blogspot.com and your new custom domain name is abc.com. So, you can easily change into a new domain with the use of a blog and domain provider.

5. Campaign

The campaign is a very good feature in Blogger provided by Google. Through this, you can increase your website traffic and you have to pay Google to run a campaign. It is called SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It is paid and through this, you can run your blog advertisement on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

If you want to promote your blog and increase the number of the audience, you have two options. First, start doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is an organic way of promoting your blog/website and. Organic is unpaid. It is time-consuming but it gives long term benefits.

Second, you can run an advertisement for your blog/website on Google. You can run ads through Google AdWords. It is also called PPC (Pay Per Click). In this, you pay money to Google when a visitor clicks on your website. Google AdWords is a little costly and rates of the click are not fixed. It entirely depends on the keywords which you selected. In AdWords, most people prefer the daily budget method. You have to mention the daily budget like Rs. 100 per day. Once the budget amount is finished, your ad will not display. Only 1-2% of people use AdWords for blogs. AdWords is mainly used to expand the business and generate leads.

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