Why Money Should Be The Primary Focus before Website Building?

When you think about building a website, you should also think about how you will make money with it. Are you going to make money with PPC programs like Google AdSense, are you going to sell your own products or are you going to sell someone else’s products?

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When you decide on the ways and methods of making money with your new launch, you will then come across various factors like niche, target audience, social presence, etc. This way you have a nice project charter with you, using which the project can be executed.

If the focus is not making money now then trust me you will give up with your website very soon. When people come to me for guidance, I give them these tips which can help them make money with their websites.[the_ad_placement id=”body”]

1. Focus on traffic from countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada

website building

While other countries are becoming comfortable with online shopping, the countries mentioned above will have a higher number of people who will use their credit cards online. Sales are the primary motive behind making money online and you will make more money if you drive more sales for yourself or your merchant.

2. Do not bother about search engines

website building

I have seen people get confused and then give up before even buying a domain name. They get loaded with information on SEO, niche competition, keyword competition, high-ranking keywords, etc.

I would really not bother about all these things. My primary focus would be to have the website up and get my content published on a regular basis. If people love your content then search engines will love your website too. So focus on creating good content which is helpful for people.

3. Try to make dollars not pennies

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I had written a post about this back in 2009. Not much has changed since then when it comes to this topic. Always try to make big money when you have a website. Affiliate marketing or creating your own product can really be profitable when compared to making money with programs that pay you on clicks.

4. Have patience

If you have done everything correctly, you will get rewards. Don’t expect anything for the first 6 months but don’t give up. Keep working on your website and focus on making money since day one. You will see the money flow in very soon.

A lot of people who say that they will think about making money later will most probably fail to make any kind of serious money. Yes, you have worked hard on your website. Yes, you have good content on it but what if your website visitors are not in that mindset of buying anything from you?

Will a person spending time on Facebook buy a $500 watch after seeing an advertisement on Facebook? Yes, he might, but the chances are less. Compare the same person to someone who is using Google to research some good watches under $500.

The chances of the second person making that sale are much higher. The idea is to build something that will invite the potential buyer to your website and then make a healthy commission out of him. This should be started from day one of building your website.

Does this mean that websites that don’t sell anything make no money? No. They do make money but then they have to depend on a large amount of traffic too. If you are planning to build a website in the Guitar niche, you should first plan on making money.

You can make money by selling Guitars, Guitar lessons, books, etc. With this, you can have small traffic coming to your website which is already making you money.

If you are not planning to make money by selling anything then you will have to focus on PPC ads which will pay you few cents on each click. Hence, you will need tons of traffic to make some serious cash with your website.


Planning way ahead on making money with your website will help you decide what kind of traffic would you need. This will also help you generate relevant content and places where you will be able to promote your content. Focus on making money and money will come. Leave it for later and the later never comes.

January 20th, 2021 06:29 am