Using Guest Posts for Branding

You already know that guest posts won’t increase your rank. While Google has made this fact more than clear, there is one thing that still holds true with guest posting: traffic.

You can build your brand and get additional traffic Using Guest Posts for Branding, but they won’t increase your rank. So, it might still be a good idea to throw out a few guest posts every month, or every so often, at least — just don’t use it as your core strategy for increasing your rank.

Why Use Guest Posting?
  • It’s key for branding
  • It builds your credibility
  • It increases traffic to your website
  • You can get exposure to new audiences
  • You can build a community of followers
  • You’ll increase your Authorship rank

Tips for Guest Posting Success

There is a right way and a wrong way to throw out guest posts. When you do create a guest post, some things to consider include:

  • Always having a relationship with the publisher of your post. Don’t just use guest blogging platforms.
  • Offer up a series of guest posts to a particular website so that you can be featured more than once.
  • Don’t be a guest author; instead, list yourself as an expert.
  • Don’t contribute to sites that take in hoards of guest posts or that have a “guest author” section. You should be able to have your own contributor account so that your name shows up instead of “guest.”
  • Work with other sites and authors that are registered with Google’s Authorship.
  • Only pair up with people in similar industries or that have blogs with similar niches.
  • Don’t worry about the links so much as the content. You will get traffic from these guest posts, which is what is important.

Lastly, write high-quality posts. Guest posts won’t do you or the other person’s site any good if the content is thin, copied, or generic. It needs to be in-depth, high quality, and worth the time it takes to read.

March 23rd, 2020 08:44 am