The impact of Google Search Wiki & SEO – 2020

google search
A lot has been said in recent days about the search wiki launched in the US. Even if the combination of Google and services like Digg was discussed a year ago, the discussion about the meaning or its effects in the last few days has come up again. So far, the impact on companies and websites is not too serious.

In order to increase the usability of your own search result on Google, you have tried to keep the URL, the title and the meta description page-related and keyword-heavy. The keyword-heavy title tag and URL had a big impact on the site’s ranking.

They were mostly optimized. But, many have neglected the meta description. If one waives the meta description, it displays the ODP entry or the first 160 characters of the page.

The latter usually leads to confusion among users. That is because the first 160 characters are a navigation menu or confusing text. If you give a proper meta description, you are likely to have a better SEO. If you adjust these 3 parameters to the website content, you increase the usability on the search results page. It then leads the user to “dig” the search result. In addition, Google recognizes the higher CTR on the search results pages and the lower bounce rate.
So: always optimize the meta descriptions for the users! In the end, they can have an impact on your ranking!
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January 20th, 2021 08:40 am