Retail Management System allows customers to buy items from retailers for their personal use. It includes all the steps needed to bring customers into the store and meet the buy the requirements.

Retail management saves time. It ensures that customers find the products they want and return home satisfied.

In the retail management system, a software called DOS POS software work from start to finish for the retailer. It helps the retailer get complete data about the product and their business.


POS software has come into the retailer process for many retailers. RMS software delivers output data (number of products) in digital format. At the same time, their business is growing because of the implementation of pos. It adds to the fact that POS is convenient. A tool for interacting with customers and retailers.

Statistical data shows that POS software dominates the industry in many aspects. A few years before, people were quite hesitant to get adapted to the POS system. But as days passed, the retailers began to understand the effectiveness of the POS. They gradually started to shift to the Point Of Sale system.


A point of sale system, or POS software, is where you get paid after your customer purchases products or services at your store. In simple words, every sale that happens at your store is a point of the sale transaction. POS software acts as the hub of your business. It helps sales, inventory, and customer management put together in a single place.

But retailers are still a little apprehensive about starting with POS. It is scary for them to use a new technology that will centralize the entire business. That is why we have come up with the most accessible POS software any company can use without any worries.

Searchie has designed a POS software called RMS, which is responsive and straightforward. POS software makes it easy for you to sell your products to your customers. We have created our RMS in such a way that it works fast, making your customers come back. POS system supports the Android platform as well. It connects to the latest barcode/QR code scanners, invoice printers, etc.

Get paid quickly. Accept any type of payment.

Accept all kinds of payment. With RMS, it is now easy for your business to get paid. This software lets you have custom buttons so you can accept cash, gift cards, cheques, or any payment. You can even accept payments in partial and make your customers pay on account.

Get paid quickly. Accept all types of payment.

Searchie POS Software makes it easy for you to get paid. Our POS Software accepts all modes of payment. We have installed custom buttons to accept cash, gift cards, checks, or any other type of payment option you need. Our POS Software also agrees with all deposits & partial payments on sales. With our advanced POS Software, you can also let your customer pay on account.

We have Designed Our Software in such a way that you can make payment through card swipe. It accepts both debit and credit cards for the amount. We also have linked many other payment options like NEFT Transfer, Razorpay. We have made our POS system with all the advanced features with multiple payment options.

Accept all kinds of payment. With RMS, it is now easy for your business to get paid. It lets you have custom buttons so you can accept cash, gift cards, cheques, or any payment. You can even accept payments in partial and make your customers pay on account.


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There is no charge for you to shift to our POS Software, and we provide you with the best customer service. Our POS Subscription service is the cheapest in India. We also offer you a ten-day free trial pack to access our Point Of Sale system.

Our plan starts from Rs. 399/- per month and goes up to 1999/- per month depending on your business requirement. We provide Five-pack

  • Start-up kit pack
  • Regular-RMS-Kit Pack
  • Advance-RMS- Kit Pack
  • Go Unlimited-RMS-Kit Pack
  • Product Integration Pack

For more info, visit our RMS Page,
Our new RMS is the most affordable yet most advanced POS Software in India for all businesses. Our software provides you 24×7 service. Get a free trial now!

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is most important to us. Do you have any specific requirements? Get in touch now!

Cloud-based POS

Cloud-Based POS Software is a software where you can record your entire data online. There is no need for you to worry about your system storage. With our cloud-based Point of Sale system, you can access your data from anywhere in the world.

Almost none of the Point of Sale system provides cloud-based POS. Even if they do provide, they charge you a lump-sum of money for their service. But we have come up with a new POS software in India with all the facilities at the lowest cost. We provide you multiple features with easy integration.


Multiple payment features – Our POS Software supports multiple payment options that give customers options to choose their convenient mode of billing.

Bulk product imports – You can transfer your entire product data to our POS Software without any trouble.

Admin access – We also provide admin access to have control over your entire data.

Barcodes – With our POS software, you can generate a unique barcode for each product and transaction.

Stock maintaining – With our advanced features, you can manage your entire stock online with each transaction.

Stock transfer – Do you own multiple stores? Transferring stock entries from one store data to another has never been this easy.

Customer database record – Now you can maintain your customer database. With Our Point of Sale system, you can keep a record of each customer’s purchase history.

Employee report – Maintain each employee’s daily report with our advanced POS software.

Multi-user – Our Point of Sale system supports multiple user access at the same time.

Real-Time Integration – With real-time integration features, you can see the list of updates at the same time.


  • We keep your data highly secured
  • We provide 24/7 service with 99% server uptime
  • We regularly update the software for your better performance
  • We regularly perform a live test for the security check
  • Our services are highly reliable


What is the full form of RMS?

RMS stands for Retail Management System.

What is the retail management system?

RETAIL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IS THE MOST ACCESSIBLE RETAIL POS SOFTWARE. RMS is a software also named as POS software is the start to the end of the sales process for the retailer. Retailers use RMS technology to get full-fledged data about their product and business.

For whom RMS will be useful

Retail Management System technology is being used by many platforms nowadays. RMS technology will be useful in shopping platforms, malls, hotels, petrol pumps, etc. Almost all retailers use this technology these days. RMS software is leaping towards a vast platform.

Is RMS a cloud-based software?

Our Retail Management System is a cloud-based software. So, the cloud will store all your company data. You can transfer the data from the cloud storage whenever required. So every data will be productive by the cloud platform.

What is POS Software?

POS software refers to the way you manage point-of-sale activities. Activities such as maintaining customers, stocks, sales, and more on the Internet. POS software has accrued the work process for many retailers, thus, making their business process quick.

What is the full form of POS?

The full form of POS is POINT OF SALE.

What can we use POS for?

POS technology enables the process of sales using software associated with a device. Process such as payments taken and funds sent to business accounts upon completion of sales. We can tailor the POS software to the needs of the individual business. For instance, printing receipts or scanning bar codes.

How pos software will develop my business?

RMS software gives the output data(Number of products) in digital format. Thus, your business will boom with the implementation of pos. It is also being a convenient tool for interacting with customers and retailers.

What are the benefits of POS?
  • Fast service for retails
  • Detailed billing 
  • Easy accounting
  • Great accuracy
  • Easy to use.

Searchie Digital offers you a 10-day free trial to access our Retail Management System. There is no charge for shifting to our POS Software. We provide you with the best customer service on our POS Software.

How many types of POS software are there?

There are different types of POS devices, including smartphones, tablets, mobile POS, card and chip readers, touchscreens, computers, self-service kiosks, and terminals. Other POS-related devices include barcode scanners, cash drawers, keyboards, receipt printers, and more.

What will POS will do?

A point sale (POS) is a place where a customer can execute payment for goods or services and pay sales tax. A POS transaction can take place in person or online, and the generation of receipts will be in print or digital. Cloud-based POS systems are becoming popular among merchants.

What is an example of POS?

Purchase or payment of sales is the specific point of time during which a financial transaction takes place through a POS software. For example, if you decide to buy two products and refresh them and take them to the counter, the staff there will scan the products and make a receipt.

What are the key features of a point of sale system?
  • Multiple payment features.
  • Bulk product imports.
  • Admin access.
  • Barcodes.
  • Stock maintaining.
  • Stock transfer.
  • Customer database record.
  • Employee report.
  • Multi-user.
  • Real-Time Integration.