The facts about Off  Page SEO


Off Page Seo refers to the methods in which you can use to improve your website ranking on results of a search engine. People often associate link building with off-page  seo but it does not mean only that.

Difference between Off -page SEO AND  On-page SEO :-

An area where the user has complete control over the search engine is called On-page SEO and where he does not have control is Off-page SEO. For Instance -If we are able to reach out and tell someone to link to you, that is called off-page SEO, because the website was not changed during this  process. On-page SEO happens when you are able to improve your page speed by image optimization, and the change happens directly on your website.

Importance of off-page SEO :-

For years search engines have been trying to find a solution to return quality results to the  searcher. In order to  acheive   this, on-page optimization factors ,quality factors and off-page SEO factors have to be taken into account. Off-page optimization will be able to provide a good  and clear overview on how others users  are perceiving your website.


How  Off-page SEO is useful to website owners

If there is a  successful  Off page optimization strategy ,the following benefits are available to the owners of the website :-

  1. Ranking increase – There will be a substantial increase of the website in the search engine results pages and this will result in generating more traffic.
  2. Page rank Increase – Page rank refers to numbers between 0 and 10 which will indicate the importance of a website in google. Page rank remains only one out of 250 ranking factors that google uses for website ranking.
  3. More Exposure – When ranking takes places high ,it will lead to greater exposure as the website will be present at the top positions and gets more links, increase in visits, and lots of social media mentions .This  process  takes place like a sequence of events.
  4. Trustworthiness – Google introduced a new concept of E-A-T which stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness ,and this plays an important role in rankings.

Google  likes to rank websites which will be able to demonstrate authority and  expertise in a particular subject.

Techniques of  Off-page SEO :-

The  following are techniques of off-page  seo

  1. Link Building :- This can be termed as one of the effective and popular techniques .You can get as many votes as you can by building links to your website and you can outsmart your competitors and be at a higher rank .Ex-If this article is liked by someone and uses it as references from his/her blog or website ,this will tell search engines  this  page has  information.

Some of the popular ways to increase link count  are

  1. Blog Directories – It is something similiar  to yellow pages and each entry has a link which will point towards  a website.
  2. Forum Signatures – Forums were commented on by people for the sole purpose of getting a link back to the website.
  3. Comment link –  Here ,you can comment on other websites and  blogs  for  to  get a link  back. You can use keywords instead of your real name.
  4. Article directories-  The articles published and you could get back a link to your website.
  5. Link exchange schemes- You can get in touch with other webmasters and exchange  links. You can link your website from my website and vice versa also can happen.


  1. Social Media Marketing- This is also part of Off Page SEO and it can serve as another form of link building. All the links you receive from social media sites  are  nofollow  and this does not mean they  don’t  add any value.
  2. Brand Mentions –  Google loves brands and as part of your off page SEO strategy you can mention positive mentions of your website ,products or services.


 Off Page SEO  techniques used by  major digital marketers and companies :-

Let us look at some techniques  suggested by top digital marketers and companies on how to use and maximize Off page SEO for better results.

  1. Writing guest posts for various website’s blogs

This technique has existed around for a very long time. Guest blogging is regarded one of the best ways of to get traffic from other website.The advantages are other than getting a link from a relevant website. It also attracts referral traffic that links to your site.There are various guest posting opportunities which are available and they are:-

  1. ” Find Authority blogs in your niche and industry “.
  2. Analyze their content and find some interesting ideas they have missed out .
  3. Reach them out via their online contact form, cold email or through your social media to check if they are interested in receiving content from various contributors.
  4. You can write,publish and promote.

Flow SEO’s Angela Ash says to use the links. You have the opportunity to create contextual links. Many writers make mistakes by only linking to the company’s main page. These links instead can point to data to support the statement that will be used as the anchor text.


  1. Social Media Engagement

Lisamarie Monaco of Pinnacle Quote Life Insurance specialists suggests that  one effective Off Page SEO  tactic that will be useful  for every marketer  and can use it for sharing on social media platforms. Many tactics can come together due to social media  links.

  1. Infleuncer Outreach

Infleuncers have a larger reach. So when they  are able to share your content a huge amount of traffic  will be generated for your site. The traffic will be in such a way that all the people will be related  to your niche and can engage with you well.

  1. Participate in Forums

“According to Lauren Petermeyer of  Veg Kitchen, the most effective off page seo strategy that  every marketer should follow is  participitate in community discussions that surround the particular area of expertise.

Conclusion :-

I  like to conclude by saying that  Off Page SEO is as important as on  page. I would also like to thank Mr.   Rahul  Varma  for inspiring me to write this blog.

January 20th, 2021 06:47 am