Marketing Automation

“Marketing Automation is becoming more and more important for marketing success. It has recorded the highest growth rate in the last five years. Through the email automation system, it has evolved into an advanced system of attracting customers.”

The main reasons to implement Marketing Automation
  • Managers of B2B marketers believe that there are three most important criterion for this system. They are price, product integration and ease of use.
  • 86% of marketers consider ‘ease of use’ as one of the most important criteria for automation tools.
  • CMOS in best-performing enterprises believe that the most important reason for implementing Automotive Marketing is to increase revenues and attract high-quality leads.
  • 63% of companies that outperform their competitors use integrated Marketing Automation.
  • In one year, there was a 112% increase in the use of Marketing Automation by B2B companies from the Fortune 500.
Currently, more than half the companies have implemented this.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Companies that integrated this thrive better than those that did not.
– 45% of marketers modify the content to be more effective, compared to 28% who do not use it.
– 49% adjust the content of advertisements to the customer purchase journey stages, compared to 21% who did not implement this.
– 59% can use smart targeting to display content, compared to 17% who do not use Automation.

Companies that have implemented automation recognize

– 100% better lead conversion rate
– 40% higher average transaction size
– 17% better forecast accuracy 88% of marketers surveyed declared that they already use it or are considering to implement it.

Marketing Automation and The Customer

This has recorded the highest growth in each segment related to CRM in the last five years.
– B2B clients using automation are more satisfied with the quality and quantity of leads they receive.
– This reduces ignored leads from 80% to 25%. A 5% increase in customer retention can generate a 75% increase in profitability. 
In addition, acquiring a new customer costs 6 times more than maintaining an existing one.


Marketing Automation users have 3 times as many sales lead in one month.
– The relevant e-mails provided are 18 times more revenue than e-mail blasts. – Companies that focus on lead nurturing generate 50 times more leads ready for sale at a lower cost of 33%.
– Marketing Automation pioneers have an average 1.6x lead-to-sale conversion greater than the average score of all others
– B2B marketers claim that this helps in generating more and better leads.
– B2C marketers saw a conversion rate of 50%. This includes everything from birthday emails to cart abandonment programs.
78% of successful marketers say that these systems are the most responsible for increasing revenue.
February 11th, 2020 09:01 am