Logo Trends 2020

First impressions are important. That’s why it’s essential to keep up with the latest logo trends to ensure your brands always looks fresh. See what styles are doing all the talking in 2020.

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1. Flat Design Logos

Forget intricate illustrations and all-singing, all-dancing animations—design is dialing things back with this simplified aesthetic.

2. Animated Logos

Visuals with moving parts attract attention, can make a brand more memorable to consumers, and offer up storytelling opportunities. We’ll see designers take an increasingly playful approach to dynamic details. See your logo in motion with the Shape Animation Revealer.

Searchie Logo_GIF

3. Hand-Drawn Logos

In an age when brands want to demonstrate their authenticity and down-to-earth approach, handwriting seems like the obvious choice. Thankfully, this hastily sketched style is easy to emulate with editable templates like the Hand-drawn Floral Logo Kit.

4. Minimal Logos

In a bid to cut through online clutter, minimalism has been making waves for a while now. Whether it’s for a personal project or a business website, minimal logos can work just as hard as more complex creations. You can get straight to the point with a pick from the 100 Minimal Logos Set..

The Roofing Store Logo-01

5. Multi-Layered Logos

Flat design logos may be having a moment, but designers still have a love for layering, so we’re seeing lots of overlapping elements. Vibrant colors, highlights, shadows, shading and semi-transparent treatments can all play a part in the creation of a multi-layered logo like Conneightion.

6. Vintage Logos

It doesn’t matter what decade you grew up in, designers are clearly yearning for yesteryear. With a healthy dose of nostalgia baked in, vintage logos are appearing across coffee shops, breweries, and more. Throw it back now with this retro Logo Kit.


7. Trademark Logos

We can create logos in compliance to the rules of trademark registration. If you are thinking of getting your logo trademark registered, this is the best place to get it designed.