How to rank website on google

The recent changes with Google’s algorithms have already hit a lot of websites when it comes to rank website on google, is your website next? It’s not just a penalty you have to worry about anymore, you will be dropped off the search result.


Your competitors will gladly take your spot. Google isn’t going to tolerate poor-quality websites anymore, which means if you aren’t playing by the rules, you could lose your rank website on google entirely.


Ways to rank website on google

It’s very difficult to rank website on google but once you are ranked on the top page of google then you will enjoy the long term benefit. Some people follow the White Hat method to rank website on google whereas some follow the Black Hat method to rank their website.

rank website on google

The White Hat method takes a long time to show its result whereas the Black Hat method provides you the instant result but this method will lead to a demerit point. Its always better to follow the white hat method as this is the only method to rank website on google for a longer period. Google also recommends following only the white hat method.


Not every website is at risk of losing its rank on google. If you have a well-devised SEO strategy, you could stay safe, while others drop off the search result.

Some of the best ways to bulletproof your rank website on google include:


1. Performing link quality control


Don’t link just to link – think before you link. Always link to quality and relevant content. As I said earlier google focuses only on the quality content. The best-optimized website will be ranked on top of the google search result page.

The best content will be getting the quality backlinks from the top website. This will help to rank website on google easily.


2. Have a superior web design 


If your site isn’t user-friendly, you’re at risk for losing your rank website on google. You should design a user-friendly website. You should properly link your website pages. As said, The first impression is the last. 


When the first time visitor comes to your website he gets attracted to your website design. If website design is attractive then his chances of spending time on the website are high. This will help to rank website on google’s first page.


3. Modernized SEO 


If you’re using the old school methods for SEO, you need to start working on a backup plan. The old school way of stuffing with keywords is over and your rank will be too if you don’t rectify it on time. You have to be aware of SEO latest updates and optimize website content accordingly.


Google ranks only those websites which are regularly updated. Always try to provide updated content to your user with some stats. Almost 95% of the audience likes to get accurate information. If you answer all the question which your audience has, then the rank of website will also improve.


4. Zero Publication Errors 


After optimizing the website check all the functionality of the website. Check whether all your pages are linked properly. Your site shouldn’t be riddled with missing pages, broken links, spelling or grammatical errors. Any broken page will affect website ranking. 


5. Quality Content 


If you spun what someone else wrote, it’s time to go back and rewrite everything. Alter the content and make it your own, and make sure it is unique. Any duplicate content will not be get ranked and this will also lead to no ranking of that particular website in the future. 

rank website on google

The same content on different websites will confuse google robots and lead to duplicate content. Its always better to provide the canonical tags to your content. This will instruct the google bots that is content is unique and doesn’t have any other similar pages.


6. Focus on Quality Linking 


After writing the content we link our content with other websites. If we link the content just for the sake of an outbound link that it will not improve your content quality. Link up with quality blogs and websites that add value to your readers and your content.


So whenever you give outbound links give it to the relevant website for that content so that users get more content from that website. This will help both the websites on google ranking.


7. Use Citations 


Use citation means to provide the information with accuracy. If you state a fact, state where you got that fact. Citations, especially to reputable and authoritative sites, are important. Mentioning facts in the blog makes the reader feel like it’s a real 


8. Social Media


Use social media to promote your work. Today’s generation spends a lot of time on social media. This will help to reach your content to a large audience. Join more groups and pages relevant to your website content and promote your ideas there also.


The best content spreads on social media within no time. This will create brand awareness for your website and increase traffic on the website.


9. Optimize content for Voice Search


Nowadays everything is becoming digitalized. Organic search results are replaced voice search. Everyone asks on google instead of typing. The one whose content is well optimized will be told by google over the voice search and other content will leftover. 


Its always better to adapt to the new changes. The fast we adapt the better we can rank a website on google. Voice search has completely taken over the organic search result. In the coming year, its trend will also increase so we have to prepare our content related to this to rank on google.


 As long as you have a quality strategy, you will not be fine. But if you aren’t doing all of these things listed above, it’s time to change your methods before it’s too late. And if you have any queries regarding this always feel free to contact us. We will help you to optimize your content.


January 20th, 2021 05:24 am