How to create Gmail? Registration and configuration

If you are promoting your website or offering such services to your customers, then you simply can’t have your Google account. And not only because of this.


Gmail is the most advanced and secure, so let’s figure out how to create a Gmail account and a Google account.

  • Why choose Gmail?
  • Sign up for Gmail
  • Gmail setup
  • Signature
  • Import and collect mail
  • Themes
  • Conclusion

Why choose Gmail?

Gmail offers a very convenient interface, not inferior to desktop email clients such as Outlook. Gmail Mail is available absolutely from any devices, both through the web version and through mobile applications for Android, iPhone, etc.

Another feature why I recommend using Gmail is the best spam protection. In my mailbox, for example, there are tons of spam. Spam comes to Gmail very rarely, because its main part is cut off.

It is enough to configure the collection of mail from these mailboxes in Gmail and important letters will not disappear anywhere. Since Google Mail is free (not counting corporate, but we’ll talk about it in another article), you don’t lose anything at all.

Creating a mailbox on Gmail is also creating a Google account. And this opens up many possibilities: you can add a site to the Google Search Console, create your own YouTube channel or monetize your site using Google AdSense.

Sign up in Gmail

The first thing to remember is the address of It is .com. Do not confuse with This domain has nothing to do with Google, although the search engine probably tried to sue this address. On .ru is a rather strange mail forwarding service. In short, it does not suit us.


If you are more comfortable to watch the video than read the text, then the registration process is shown here. Only this video is a bit out of date, there have been changes in the Gmail interface, but in general, it’s still the same

Go to and find ourselves on the landing page. The big red button speaks for itself.

We fill all fields based on the purpose of registration. If you create your account, do contextual advertising and want to get a Google Ad Words certificate, then you need to enter real data because they will be displayed in the Partners profile and on your certificate. If an account is created purely for business purposes, for example, for an Ad Words account of a specific project, then you can leave the accuracy of the data in its sole discretion.

Since Google Mail is megapopular, most of the beautiful addresses are already taken. But in the email addresses here it is allowed to use dots, so you can register the box by the domain of your site. Such an address is unlikely to be busy. For example,

Pay attention to the mobile phone and spare mail fields. You can skip the phone (but it’s better to specify a personal account), although Google may require you to enter a number if suspicious activity is running from your IP (several registrations of mailboxes in a row). I always advise you to specify spare mail so that you can recover your forgotten password. Alternative mail must exist and you must have access from it because it will receive a letter with a confirmation code.

Also, do not forget about the password. Any QWERTY and 12345 is just a gift for lovers of hacking other people’s accounts. The password must be complex, contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. If you are hard to come up with such a password, then use the service KeePass. It generates and stores complex passwords, so you do not need to learn them by heart or write them down on the leaflet.

If everything is filled in correctly, a welcome window will open, in every possible way praising Gmail. In the mailbox will be a couple of letters saying that you are a new user of Google Mail and that you can transfer all your mail from other mailboxes here.

Customize Gmail

So, a Google account has been created and you have a coveted box. If you plan to use your account for other purposes, for example, to collect semantics in Ad Words in the Key Collector program, or you just need a box to engage in crowd marketing (register on forums), then you can skip the setting altogether.

And if you plan to work closely with the mail, then something must be disassembled.

Interface overview

For a relatively long time, correspondence in Jimale can be divided into several tabs-headings.

  • Unassorted – letters that do not fall into other tabs are included here.
  • Social network – here get notifications from social networks, etc.
  • Promotions – here you get all sorts of advertising mailings, for which you had the imprudence to subscribe.
  • Alerts – here come automatic notifications about payments, invoices, etc.
  • Forums – here come alerts from forums, newsletters, etc.

By default, only 3 are enabled; you can enable or disable the rest by clicking on the plus sign to the right of the extreme tab.

As practice shows, Gmail does not always correctly determine which tab to place this or that correspondence. For example, mailings from your favorite blogs can come in promotions, and Google Analytics notifications can be sent to the social media tab. You can drag emails from one tab to another. Then you will see a window with a question to always place letters from the given address in this tab? Click yes.

When you are done with setting up the tabs, you can proceed to the selection of the theme for the box.


You can add a signature that will be automatically added to the end of the sent letters. To do this, click on the gear icon in the upper left corner of the main interface and select the settings item in the drop-down menu. Scroll down the page until you see the caption item.

If you use mail to communicate with customers and colleagues, it is better to fill in presentable.

Import and collect mail

You can transfer your contacts and correspondence in other mailboxes to Gmail. To do this, go to the Accounts and Import tab in the settings and make the appropriate settings.

  • Import mail and contacts – here you can specify from which box to transfer contacts and correspondence. This is done only for existing letters, i.e. new letters will not be automatically transferred.
  • Add an email account – and here you can specify a box from which Gmail will import mail. Naturally, you must have access to this box. You can configure the collection of mail from several old or service mailboxes, combining all correspondence in one.


If you want to change the standard white google mail theme, then go to the Themes tab in the settings. There, click on Install theme and select your favorite option.


As you can see, Google Mail is a powerful tool, and for good reason, it is one of the most popular in the world (competing with Hotmail, but in the CIS this mail is not very popular). Some customers even refuse to work with the contractor if his working box is not on the mail, but in the mail, for example. The absence of a Gmail mailbox is like a marker of an unserious level of a performer, especially in the field of IT or marketing. But even for everyday life, this post is the best choice due to the level of security and protection from spam.

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January 20th, 2021 04:57 am