How to Create Content Your Readers Want?

How to Create Content Your Readers Want?
Content is part of the three pillars of a good SEO strategy in 2019, according to Forbes. But if you don’t have a content strategy in place, it’s unlikely your content is being created with any direction. It’s important to consider the readers of your blog or website and write your content based on what they want. Not sure how to do that? Consider these tips for deciphering what the readers really need.

1. Read Forums

Check out forums that are similar to your niche. Forums like Quora, Reddit are used for almost all the topics. See what people are asking about, what they’re discussing and the topics that get the most responses. These are things people are likely to be searching for online; therefore, if you have a blog or article that delivers the answer, they are going to visit your site.

2. Ask for Comments

If you really want to know what people want, post a question on your social media pages and in your blog to see what people want to see next on your blog.

3. Create a Survey

Sometimes surveys are easier because they are anonymous and get to the core of what your audience really needs. Create a survey that asks readers what they want, topic suggestions, and what they don’t want to see from your blog. Use this information to create a content strategy.

4. Look at Keyword Trends

Today keywords are natural and consider the human factor. People aren’t looking for “web design Chennai” they are looking for “web designers in Chennai.” Consider the human factor when picking keywords and use Google’s Related Keywords feature to find a slew of secondary keywords you can use in your content. Sometimes these keywords alone are great starting points for creating topics.

5. Follow Social Media

See what is trending on social media through hashtags or brand pages. Then, use that to create some useful content that is relatable and engaging.
Marketing the content you created is important for it to reach the right set of audience. For Content Marketing services, get in touch with us.

January 20th, 2021 08:37 am