Hashtags Influencing SEO


Hashtags were originally adopted by the social media network Twitter, but since then they have been seen on Facebook and Pinterest. These hashtags are somewhat of a mystery to most social media users — especially those over the age of 30. But, hashtags are a great tool for boosting your social media marketing efforts and SEO — if they are used right.

Use Hashtags to Get Involved

Hashtags engage more of an audience than posts without them. In fact, research has shown that posts are seen and interacted with 12 percent more if they have a hashtag posted in them. Adding a link along with your hashtag is even better.

Pick Trending Hashtags

You’ll see a lot of hashtags tested out, but then you will see those that are actually trending. Trending tags are what you want to use because these are what is getting the most attention.

Hashtags can be difficult to figure out. Often they don’t contain the name of an event or even a brand. Instead, they’re phrases. For example, the State of the Union’s top hashtag was #OpportunityForAll.

Use Hashtags on Multiple Sites

Don’t just use your hashtags on Twitter. Instead, use them on a variety of social networking sites, including:

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Track Results or Follow Trends

It is easier to use a hashtag that is already trending than to create your own. Larger companies or events can easily create their own trend, especially those companies running ads during the Super Bowl, but for your average brick and mortar shop, that isn’t an option.

Look online to see the hashtags that are trending. You can do this on sites like Hashtags.org or just by looking at social networking sites to see the tags most people are clicking on. Keep your post relevant to the hashtag, however. Don’t just use a hashtag because it’s trending for an irrelevant post.

March 23rd, 2020 08:55 am