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Register Domain

In this article, I’m explaining how to register the domain name. Domain Name & website name both are same, so don’t get confused. A domain name like,,,, etc. A domain name is used in URL. For Example, In URL, the domain name is

URL full form is Uniform Resource Locator. In URL four parts include:

HTTP/https, www, thesearchie, com.

First, the Http/https full form is hypertext transfer protocol/ hypertext transfer protocol secure version.

Second, www full form is the World Wide Web. WWW is an information space where the website can be accessed by domain name via the Internet.

Third, thesearchie is the domain name

Fourth, .com is extension. There are several types of domain extensions. The most common domain extensions are .com, .org, .net. These are top level domains. .orgs domain extension used by a nonprofit organization, Ngo’s and school. .com domain extension represents the word “commercial”. This is the most widely used extension in the world. Most business prefers a .com domain. .net domain extension represents the word “network” and most commonly used by internet service providers, web hosting companies and others. There are other top-level domains like .gov for government.US for US military. There are countries code domains also. If you want to target to the particular country audience then you buy that country domain extensions like .us for America websites, for United Kingdom websites. These domains also open on other countries but the target audience is only one country. But .com domain extension is for global.

For Example – If you create a blog/website for US news then choose a .us domain extension. Through this domain, the US audience will target. Let you create blog/website for valentine day messages then choose .com domain because valentine day celebrates mostly countries. So they need valentine messages.

Now I’m explaining how to register domain step by step with screenshots.

1.Search on Google “Register Domain”

Now you see unlimited websites for register domain. Don’t open the first four websites these are paid advertisements. On the first 4 websites mentioned Ad below URL. I have selected the sixth website for register domain whose name is You will select any website for register domain.

2.Click on GoDaddy website (any registered domain booking website)

3.Write domain name on Search option

Most people choose the domain name according to the website topic. Like, if you create photography website then you will register domain name But mostly time you face this type of problem which mentioned in the above picture “Sorry, is taken. It means the person already buy this domain (this is register domain). Now you have two options. The first option, Book any other extension domain which mentioned in the above picture except .com. Second option, change the domain name and search again. Like,

In the above picture, a domain name is available with the .com extension. If you think you can register the domain in $2.99. Then you are thinking wrong because your first-year domain charges will transfer to another year. You will register the domain and renew every year/ 3 year/ 5 year etc. You can’t register the domain for a lifetime. If you did not register domain next year then your domain will sell. When you register the domain you see premium domains. Premium domains are too costly. These domains are already sold. If you want to buy these domains then you have to pay a high cost. Like,


NOTE: There is no space and no capital letter in a domain name.

4.Click on Select option

After clicking on Select option, the green right mark will show in place of Select option. Now you can see one line mentioned below Continue to Cart (upper right-hand side corner) “1 domain selected”. It means now your domain is selected.

5.Click on Continue to Cart

After click on ‘Continue to cart’ privacy page will display.

6.Privacy Protection

There is no need for Privacy Protection. It’s just an optional feature. So don’t waste your money. If you think your personal details will publish in front of others. Don’t worry about coming steps, I’ll tell you how to get rid of this.

7.Website Builder & Web Hosting 

The first option is the Website Builder. It means you create your website with the help of GoDaddy and it will charge cost. If you create a blogger through Google, it is absolutely free and there is no need of Website Builder. So, choose Google blogger this is the best option for starting website & absolutely free. In the coming article, I’ll explain how to create Google Blogger.

Now come to the second option, Linux Web Hosting. It means you create a website and host your website. Hosting refers to a server where all your website data stored. So, hosting is mandatory for all websites/blogs. Without hosting you can’t run website. Hosting is paid. There are unlimited hosting websites available on Google and every website charge amount. Hosting is depended upon website speed and other factors. Few hosting websites charge very less amount due to this website speed effects. Users prefer those websites/blogs that open within 2-3 seconds. We will not buy hosting for our website because we will create Google Blogger and Google hosting is free of cost with Google Blogger. After the creation of the blogger, we will redirect our blog to a domain name. In the coming article, I’ll explain how to redirect blogger to register the domain name.

8.Email Address

There is no need of email address that matches your domain like This is useful for businessman, company, and organizations like, For blog creation, you will require one email address. To register your email address by Gmail. Gmail is provided by Google. It’s free of cost. Gmail id’s like After choosing ‘No Thanks’ in email address option. Now click on ‘Continue with these options’.

9.Select Domain Registration Years

Now you will register domain years as per your need. The domain registration period is a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years. Large organizations and famous websites (e.g. school, MNC) renew the domain for a maximum period (mostly 10 years). For a new website, you choose 1-year registration and before completing 1 year you will renew your domain for next year. If you go for 10 years then it will be cheap. But if you did not continue your domain after 2-3 years your money wastes for other years.

register domain
register domain

10.Verify Amount & Proceed to Checkout

I’m selecting 1-year registration, so my total amount is $14 include all taxes. Total amount change according to registration years. After verifying Total Amount, Click on “Proceed to Checkout”.

11.Create an account on the Domain Registration Website

Don’t click on “Connect with Facebook”. Your personal information steal by other websites like address, name, etc through facebook.

Now create your account on the domain registration website. Click on “Create an account”.

Create new email id by Gmail and write Gmail/email id on first two boxes (email Id, confirm email id). On the third box, write password. Password has few conditions like 9 character password, one capital letter, etc. These conditions mentioned below the password box. On the fourth box, write support PIN. Through PIN your details registered on the Godaddy website. After filling all the information, click on “Create Account”. Now, remember all details like email id, password, pin. Through all these details you will sign in to Godaddy.

If you don’t create new email id and write your personal email id on a GoDaddy website during “create account”. Through this, you will receive unlimited emails from many companies for creating a website, hosting, SMS, register domain and other types of paid services provided by companies. So, don’t use personal email id.

12.Billing Information

Now you fill your personal information on Billing Information form. Bill information is not secure. So, don’t fill correct information because this information is accessible by anyone through the internet. Let, if you will fill correct phone number then you will receive calls, messages from companies for paid website creation.

13.Payment Information

Now you can pay the amount by many options like credit, debit card, etc. Payment information is secure. No one can access your payment information.

14.Register Domain Successfully

Now your domain is registered. You can check your domain by typing on search your domain name like

January 20th, 2021 07:22 am