How does Digital Business Card help during COVID-19?

In this unfortunate time, we hope you are all well. Corona virus is affecting the entire world. It is not recoverable in a short time. This contact less Digital business card will help you stay connected and engage with your prospects even during such difficult times.

A InterActive Digital VCard with limitless possibilities

Communicate your information to your prospects through business cards in a way you have never done before. Show your photo, company logo, integrate map. You can give your website URL and lead them to your website.


Majority of people use mobile rather than laptop or PC. This digital card will be responsive to and easily shareable through mobile. Sharing your personalized digital business card will take your brand and business to the next level.

Who can benefit from Digital Business cards?

If you want to market and sell your goods or service to your prospective customers at least you want to make a phone call for conversation. For these types of business people Digital business card will help to transfer your message in a more strategic way.