Aesthetics means showing beautiful things. Aesthetics is about being considered beautiful. In pop culture, an aesthetic refers to one’s overall style, such as a musical sound, interior design, or a social media presence. In this current period, In this business world, Aesthetic has a more Contribution. Aesthetics play a role in an online platform like social media and website.

It highlights the beautiful thing in the platform of social media designs and website design. Aesthetic website design help to feel better in this online platform.


Aesthetics website design gives the best impressions to the audience. Customers get the first and best impressions of your website, so your business is always in an online presence.

Online presence makes your websites easily ranking on a search engine. It gives your website more traffic. Aesthetics websites build business names as a brand and again your business gets attracted to more customers. Aesthetics design makes your customer find your website easily. Niche customers can easily reach you organically.

Aesthetics design makes your customers share the link of your websites and make more engagement to your website. Because of this website design, you can get more conversions from your websites like more appointment schedules, email attachments from customers, and Focusing on your contact details.

Engagement makes the Customers start reading the full information of your company so it gives more opportunity to engage with your company.


  • Advantage over Competitors 
  • Retaining the customer
  • Sales increase 
  • Name become a brand
  • Expands Your Reach

Advantage over Competitors 

To have an advantage over your competitor, you should have potential customers visiting your website regularly. To make potential customers visiting our website regularly we should implement aesthetic website design.

When we implement all the aesthetic rules on our website, the chances of professional and genuine users visiting our site increases. It makes the users feel much connected and helps them to easily connect with business ideas. The more visitors attract our ideas, the more we have the benefits over our competitors.

Retaining the customer

The more we attract the customer and provide the solution for their problems, the better we have the chances to retain them. Retaining customers is the more crucial part of any business as they are the one who decides the future of any business.

As there is a huge competition in each working field, retaining the customer is the most difficult part for any businessman. Before it was a bit easy to retain the customer as Customers use to purchase by visiting shops. But now before buying anything they make a search for the product online and get the entire details.

Online marketing plays an important role in retaining customers. The one who has the better online website, attractive designs, creative ideas and user-friendly website has the most chances of retaining and gaining new customers. 

Sales increase 

Aesthetics make your website more conversion without any doubtable inquiries or negative questions. So the unwanted conversation will be totally reduced. It saves our lot of time. In that parallel time, we can get potential inquiries and customer needs from phone calls or mail. So we can concentrate more on our product development based on customer’s needs.

We can increase our sales product demands. So your company will increase the product’s value to the customer. It will be more profitable. So aesthetics can increase the sales of your business.

Name become a brand

When you have a fully optimized and functional website the chances of getting it ranked on top of search results is much higher. When the website is ranked at the top the chances of website visibility increases by 90% than an unorganized static website.

The moment we have more visibility to our website, our website starts getting good traffic and brand awareness. It gets recognized by more people when they search for similar things on search results. This way we can create a good brand name organically and can reach a large number of audiences globally. We can also promote and share our company profile on social media. People will also start mentioning and referring our brand to others on social media.

Expands Your Reach

Once you follow all the points, you will have an advantage over your competitors. Once you start having an advantage over your customers you will start retaining your customers that will lead to an increase in sales. When customers start trusting, your brand starts getting recognition from all parts of the world.

That will automatically expand your business reach over your competitors. This is how a good aesthetic helps to grow your business. 

What things make feel better for Aesthetic :

Aesthetics design gives to feel better by forcing on 7 elements

  • Color palette
  • Image
  • Textual Content
  • Navigation
  • Alignment
  • Consistency & Continuity

Color palette

The deliberate use of colors to attract users to a website is one of the most powerful sublime visual tools. Colors are very important to have on a website. The color selection depends upon the website. For example: If you use too much red, it will give the feeling of heat. If you use green and blue too much, the feel will be cool. So the combination of colors is very important.

Be very careful when choosing colors for background, navigation, and links. The color selection depends upon the website. It is very important to experiment using multiple colors. 


The image will explain the website platforms. If we upload an irrelevant image on our website it will give a bad impression or confuse the audience. We should confirm twice before uploading an image.

Whether the image will reach the audience, whether the image will explain the content. Because the wrong image will give the wrong understanding to the audience for visiting our site. So image selection is very important to the website builder. 

Textual Content

A website should contain content that should be relevant with proper keywords. Use captions and subheadings (H1s, H2s, H3s, etc.) to organize the text and allow easy visual scanning. Use boldface and anchor text (intrasite links) to convey important ideas.

If your subject matter is complex, provide a glossary and link keywords to it frequently so you do not have to redefine comments on a single page.


We should understand what the audience is looking for in our websites. Then make it easy for them to reach that category on our websites.

  • search functions
  • Side navigation categories
  • Footer navigation 
  • Text link
  • Top navigation buttons
  • Opening like separate tabs

Where they are starting is not a matter just we should make them very easy navigation of what they are expecting on our website. Make your left side navigation as a chain, which is the best static method of web designing.


Elements of your site should be visually connected and consistent. Stick to a limited number of side treatments. A page that is frantic and chaotic will have a very high bounce rate. A page with a clear message, neatly aligned visual elements and a clear call to action will have a higher conversion rate.

Consistency & Continuity

Consistency and continuity are the most important to retain any customer. We should know what our customers expect from us and we should focus on providing them with their minimal efforts. This will give them a great user experience and make them feel easy to navigate.   Once a user visits our website he must feel the relevance and continuity to go to our webpage. Consistency & continuity make us find customer exportation and needs. 

White space 

White space is the most important concept in designing and aesthetic principles. White space means we should always focus on our customers’ needs rather than confusing them. Many website owners try to over show their services in order to get more reach. But it distracts their audience instead of helping them. By showcasing more products there are chances of losing the potential customer for that product.

The relation between Aesthetics and feeling 

Aesthetics website gives a professional look. The aesthetic design gives the feel of greatness to customers as we are an experienced company and helps them to feel better about our website. Aesthetic designs give the best first impression to the customer.

Customers feel our company is genuine and trustable and our product has more quality. So the customer will not focus on price. They feel our company and product is genuine. The customer feels to deal with it as regularly.


Expression of people in Aesthetics design 

Clear contact information

Customers need clear contact information. Every customer reaches our websites to get information from us. So contact details must be clear. Major people are expecting aesthetics designs to get easy information about the company.

Attractive pages

To make the page look attractive use the relevant image in the webpage. It also makes the customer understand textual content easily. Attractive content makes the audience more interested and makes them navigate to other pages. This will help to increase website traffic and user experience.

The aligned pages make it more attractive to read the content. so the customer will be more consistent with using our website.  

Easy navigation

Aesthetics design makes them feel very easy to navigate, what they are expecting on our is the easy way to make our customer always prance on our websites.

Social media links

In our  Aesthetics website design, we should include all our social media links. This will help our users to connect with us socially. This way we can improve our website reaches organically to social media also.


Aesthetics website designs only can develop your business. And increase your sales gradually on online platforms. It is an easy way to reach your product to the global business.

Nowadays the website is the first marketer of our company. Aesthetics design is compulsory for every website. It is an easy way to reach an audience and help them to feel better. 

January 20th, 2021 10:25 am



A social media calendar 2021 is a spreadsheet or application used to pre-schedule social media posts. It is also used to plan when to start the campaigns, what content will be shared, and tracking the deadlines of short and long term goals.

To make your work simple, you can schedule social media content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. By scheduling the social media post in advance you can save and use your time very efficiently. This calendar helps you to increase and promote your brand image and trust by posting your brand updates regularly.

Details of the relevant upcoming dates and what we need to share or encourage on the social media content are included in the Social Media Calendar 2021.



Marketing campaigns have different categories moving around, including the social component. It is crucial to organize the teams and ensure that everyone involved in the project understands the social promotion schedule.


Organizing with a calendar makes it much easier to save time and maintain consistency. This is important for small businesses with limited resources.


Organizing all of your clients with their own calendars can help overcome the chaos of managing multiple accounts.


If you are a social media company, you can plan 365 days of content and the work of clients also. So that the social media company will be getting more clients and making the business successful.


Managing a blog is your business, you no need to waste a time by using premium tools to schedule your time and to manage your blog. A simple way is to create a social media content calendar and you can maintain your blog easily.

Get your 365 days planned social media calendar 2021 now


Planning a new social media calendar can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve put out a shortlist of steps and examples for you, so you don’t have to do the dirty work yourself.



No one else has enough time. You can spend much of your time, however, preparing your social media strategy with a calendar.


Great date-setting calendars. When deadlines are flexible or non-existent, it is easy to crawl. Laying out a straightforward picture eliminates the reason for not knowing what the social network is posting.


Managing multiple accounts for contact can change rapidly. The disorganization is going to ruin your effectiveness.


This is an advantage that supersedes all other benefits. Failure without success, after all, simply means doing things that are not fast.


  • Save considerable time Promoting the management of a post without dispute
  • Easier to create text and content with graphics
  • You don’t want to skip crucial days when even consumers will use the same calendar.
  • To maximize your visibility on all social media platforms, you can use the Social Media Calendar.
  • Advertising helps to expand internationally. Every organization needs media.


Human beings will commit mistakes because human beings are not machines. By this, I mean that we as human beings often forget many things in daily life and the same thing happens in marketing social media. “What you think of today may not be implemented tomorrow.” And as social media experts, we can’t take this risk.

As social media experts, we have to do a lot of things like writing content, keeping customers updated on upcoming posts, new fashion trends, blogs, videos, and more. That’s where the social media calendar 2021 comes into play.

It helps us to plan and organize our work properly. With the social media calendar, we don’t have to think every day about what to post and when to post. Just schedule it and it does its job. Planning everything in advance makes life so easy.


When there are so many things in your mind about multiple tasks, you can just scribble on paper and end up losing that sheet of paper, thus affecting all your hard work. A social media calendar 2021 helps you to keep all the work organized and so that you don’t have to worry about what you will do next.


There may be days when you run out of ideas and don’t know what to write and meet deadlines that end up posting something unimportant that the audience may not like. It is necessary to post relevant, informative, and fun content.

It’s important to maintain our popularity among customers because we can’t lose even one customer due to one bad day, so it’s always good to plan content and edit it early so that when a bad day it works as a savior.


Today’s audiences are very clear about what they need and that they got to be entertained with various content like blogs, images, videos, behind the scenes, etc. Everyone gets bored once you post an equivalent thing.

Unintentionally thanks to a decent schedule you’ll find yourself posting content that was already posted 2-3 days back. With a communication calendar, you’ll know the schedule one month beforehand so you recognize what was previously posted and what is going to be posted within the coming days.


If you’ve got planned ahead a month beforehand, other teams can easily plan their strategies accordingly, for instance, if you’ll share your calendar with the sales team, they will provide some recommendations on the way to communicate together with your audience, and therefore the data analytics team also can track and indicate which strategy was. works best within the past.


  • Follow the social media calendar 2021 to remember the important dates
  • Design banners using Canva, Snapseed, Picsart, etc
  • Write interesting post title cache
  • Schedule a social media post using Hootsuite or other programming tools
  •  Write an article within a month of a special day
  • Post interesting and relevant topics related to your audience Once in 15 days of  question and answer sessions (FB and YouTube)
  •  Conduct webinars through social media channels
  • Create more image and video content to reach more audience
  • Use #HashTags in posting Always use the logo when posting images for the brand Use short links while sharing on social media channels
  • Create infographics and post them.


Keep all of your social media posts on target. With this calendar spreadsheet template, You can monitor your social media team and make them schedule posts, optimize your posting schedule, and track the goals. And by downloading the social media calendar you can get the bonus templates.


Plan the concepts and content of your social media campaigns. It helps to post your marketing tips and strategy and brand updates regularly.


An infographic that will provide you with the small print you would like to optimize your posting schedule. Infographics content will make you make a better understanding to plan and schedule your goal.


This social media calendar 2021 planner gives you many templates to achieve and to track your goals.

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  1. Seven Stones


Seven Stone was started on 30th September 2015. Peter Tychicas and Tychicas Moses are the directors of the Company. The Company provides SEO services and innovative solutions.


Traffic also gets increased along with the reputation of the brand. Client retention is at 93 %, by Seven Stones and remains’ the better performing SEO agency in Chennai for the last seven years.


The values which Seven Stones follows are:-


  1. The clients will be valued and respected.
  2. Clients will be treated with Interaction, which will be genuine.
  3. The client’s needs will be kept in mind, and we deliver that.
  4. Clients will receive specials, and ongoing support will be provided.
  5. They are committed to anything digital in heart and mind.
  6. Entrepreneurial and keep evolving as the digital era. Consistently open and genuine.
  7. Motto: – Focus on client satisfaction, and everything else will follow.
  8. Honest and ethical digital agency.
  9. Build trust and alert the clients on fluctuating market changes.
  10. Transparency with clients- Honesty is crucial when it comes to mistakes.
  11. Deliver as promised.
  12. Responsibility for client satisfaction.
  13. Gratitude and kindness towards clients.


Website Design and Development:-


Seven Stones Digital is a Leading Web Designing Company in Chennai that helps create stunning website designs with a bunch of features to make the client’s website stand out of the crowd for startups or existing businesses.


By focusing on the client’s needs, Seven Stones provide unique website services which include SEO compatibility, High definition images, and responsive design to fit and function well on any device – desktop, tablet, and mobile for any business type.


SEO and Lead:-


  1. General SEO– Seven Stones Digital are a data-driven Internet Marketing and SEO service provider in Chennai that focuses on providing innovative digital marketing solutions across the globe. As a market leader, the firm prides itself on increasing ROI, traffic, and brand reputation in a cost-effective way. With a 93 % client retention rate, Seven Stones remains one of the largest performing SEO marketing agencies in Chennai since 2013.
  2. Local SEO– Seven Stones digital has proven results and expertise in optimizing the client’s site for the most saturated search engine experience possible. You can consider local SEO if:-
  • Google Maps listings dominate the first page when you search for your most important keywords.
  • Your business strictly sells locally.
  • Your competitors dominate the local Google listings for your targeted keywords.


  1. E-Commerce SEO– Let’s understand how Seven Stones Digital picks E-commerce SEO pricing. When a company has more than 500 clients, it becomes easy for you to trust it blindly. Seven Stones Digital is among the most popular brands in digital marketing and web development.


The designers and content team determine relevant keywords based on the kind of product and services you offer. You will have quality content created and marketed for you through blogs and social media posts. The customer’s e-commerce store would have a completely renovated new look once the project is complete, and that guaranteed to you on papers.


  1. PPC Management– The expert team at Seven Stones is highly qualified to handle your PPC advertisements effectively. Why are Seven Stones PPC services required:-
  • To attract potential sales.
  • To get your products or services in front of the right audience.
  • Open gates of business to the global market.


  1. BYT Beyond 2000 Technologies

BYT Beyond 2000 technologies is leading Web Development, Social, and Digital Marketing Agency that offers customized and innovative solutions to suit every client’s budget. Whether you are launching an e-commerce store online or wanting to drive more traffic to a website which is existing using SEO strategies, which are advanced PPC traffic- BYT has solutions that cater to most businesses and budgets.


BYT offers end-end solutions across brands, platforms, and budgets. The 360-degree approach to digital marketing and web development will deliver measurable results to clients. With BYT, you get

  1. They have proven their expertise in e-commerce, web development, social media marketing, Facebook apps, and product development, SEO, and online advertising.
  2. Has experience working with small to fortune 500 brands and companies
  3. They have developed 100’s of websites and e-commerce stores.
  4. Over 200 facebook contests and apps .developed a product called Flashup’s, which is used by small businesses to fortune 500 companies.
  5. Served over 4 billion Ad impression’s on Google and Facebook
  6. They drive lakhs of online leads, sales online, and social media engagement leveraging digital and social media platforms.


Social Media Marketing 


As a social media marketing company, a social media agency is admired by customers and the industry. BYT has learned to work in the trenches and evolve social media strategies for brands and companies.


BYT has been credited with building India’s leading fashion page with over one million fans, which involved the creation of strategy, execution to perfection with innovative social advertising, and use of Facebook apps.


Because of this effort, more people search for this brand on Google compared to India’s leading apparel brand. BYT’s social media team has extensive experience building social media strategies and executing them to win engaging audiences on various social media platforms.


At BYT, they help to create a social media marketing strategy using social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, among others.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


BYT is an integrated Internet marketing company that takes a holistic approach, integrating search engine marketing into your online digital marketing strategy.BYT offers SEO optimization services, Google Advertising and analytics, keyword optimization, and PPC services, among many others, depending on your business needs.


Why opt for BYT’S Pay-Per-Click Services:-


BYT’s professional search engine marketing team keeps on top of the latest developments in the search engine marketing niche. It helps you to use the latest techniques and strategies for better results.

  1. Identifying New Keywords and market opportunities
  2. Intensive keyword research – with emphasis on long-tail keywords, helping us tap into not-so-obvious online niches.
  3. Leads generation, revenue, and brand establishment.
  4. Focus on improving the quality score, which will increase CTR and reduce CPC.
  5. Their retargeting expertise will bring better ROI.
  6. PPC results and conversion can be implemented in your SEO strategy.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO optimization services are one of the many specialties BYT offers clients in India and Abroad. As an SEO services provider, BYT provides on-page and off-page optimization to bring your website on page 1 of search engine results.


At BYT, SEO services are offered that will be critical extremely to the search engine optimization efforts. The SEO services include

  1. On-page SEO services
  2. Off-page SEO services
  3. SERP management and traffic analysis
  4. We are promoting your website amongst forums, blogs, and online directories.


The benefits of using BYT’s SEO services are:-


  1. We are enjoying top search engine rankings, more traffic, and a considerable ROI.
  2. SEO services bring not only top search engine rankings but also leverage social media and integrate other forms of search engine advertising like Pay-per-click.
  3. Each SEO employee they hire is an experienced professional and has the skills, experience, and knowledge to fully understand the SEO processes.




  1. Bleap 


Bleap integrated marketing solutions is a full-service website design and digital marketing agency with offices based in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune.


Digital marketing services provided by Bleap 


SEO services– Bleap remains the right folks to help with your SEO and SERP. Their SEO campaigns help drive search traffic for the right keywords, thereby attracting quality traffic. The site usability score gets improved by providing relevant content to the users on landing on the site, and it helps achieve the revenue target.


Bleap optimizes for both users and search engines and firmly believes that there is a positive correlation between SEO, Paid Search, and Content Marketing.


SEO Process followed by Bleap:-


  1. SEO Audit and Keyword Research– The client’s audience, key competitors, and keyword profile are researched by bleap. A comprehensive audit of your HTML tags will be done, URL structure, internal and external links, duplicate content, keyword density, and more.
  2. Campaign strategy and launch– Once the category is understood, the buyer persona, the audience, and the customer’s website, Bleap, work with the client’s team to create an SEO campaign strategy, and they start working.
  3. Conversion Optimization– Bleap’s search engine optimization campaigns are optimized for both users and search engines. As the SEO Strategy works hard to improve the client’s SERP, Bleap makes changes parallel to the client’s website to improve their conversion rates and turn visitors into customers who are paying.
  4. Analytics and Reporting– All the search data and analytics progress on significant search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. will be tracked so that it can be shared in the monthly dashboard. This will help track the progress against the agreed goals.
  5. Online Advertising– Bleap is a classical search lead agency. Bleap loves studying consumer behavior and will always want to dig deeper to run analytics.


  1. Digiketers


Who we are– Digiketers is a digital marketing company that fosters all the digital needs that require your Company to grow. You can sit comfortably at home, and you can get banners, brochures, visiting cards, blogs, etc. done by our expert team of technicians.




SEARCH Engine optimization (SEO)– What makes Digiketers the best SEO company in Chennai-Digiketers offers the best SEO services in Chennai, which includes SEO related keyword research to identify the search terms that will boost and grow your business.


To get you on the google top spot for the best search term, Digiketers offers SEO services that include both On-page as well as off-page SEO optimization. This will improve the client’s website search engine ranking. What makes Digiketers the best SEO Company is the way the below procedure is followed:-


Keywords Research– A keyword is what people type while searching through search engines. There will be search terms related to your business, but not all of it will fuel your business growth. In Digiketers, Keyword research is the first step of any successful SEO campaign being performed.


This eventually tends to the growth of the business/brand via a robust online presence. Digiketers know what the people are searching for and how to engage them to fulfill your business goals.


Content – Content is the king. Whether your goal is to rank at the top of search engine results or to get the most from the client’s targeted users via searches, the content will help you get there. As soon as the keywords are defined, which will fulfill your business goals, Digiketers optimize your existing content or publish new content if required.


Content optimization is not just to comply with search engine ranking factors but also to make people better understand why they should go for your products or services. Digiketers’ team of experts is the best bet to maintain a perfect balance in SEO as well as user experience in the content.


On-site SEO Optimization– Digiketers remains the best SEO Company as to how the client’s website gets optimized to guarantee to comply with a vast majority of the ranking factors. The client’s site gets optimized in a way that is loved by search engines, so they better understand the content.


White hat SEO services– Digiketers, is strictly against Black Hat SEO and shady tactics. While results are given in the shortest time, they will bring your rankings down and doom the online business presence. Digiketers know it better since they know how popular search engines work.


Track Results:-


  1. SEO goal is accomplished– In this case, Digiketers know what works and push the Campaign in said direction to keep the client’s business on full swing, while also trying iterations of similar tactics.
  2. SEO goal not accomplished– In this case, Digiketers analyses every factor worked on and the corresponding results. Also, any loose-ends are identified by Digiketers in the ranking factors followed to optimize and the ones missed. The loose ends are also rectified by Digiketers and seen through the SEO improvements.



  1. Digitally Inspired Media


Digitally Inspired Media is a private company based in Chennai, incorporated on 12th May 2015. Directors of digitally inspired media are Salim Kumar Suraj and Manish Kishore. Directors of Digitally Inspired media are Salim Kumar Suraj and Manish Kishore.


Digitally inspired media is located at Old no 5 new no 7 Dhanammal street chetpet, Chennai-600031. Its CIN Number is U22130TN2015PTC100467.


Digitally inspired media came into existence on 12th May 2015. In this short time, a team of talented men and women have worked at designing ideas in the digital space and beyond.

Digitally Inspired media operates in a simple method: – it will understand where the customer stands, recognize the challenges the customer’s customer faces, and tailor results to high water or hell.


Digitally inspired media provide bespoke solutions –the 360-degree approach to positioning the brand ensures every detail is dealt with importance, thus being a fit for every business need.


It’s not solely about Digitally inspired media changing how things function but how to add value to what exists to maximize brand visibility. Digitally Inspired Media has been acting strictly through strategy and active communication, with an array of clients to meet needs fashioned from modern complexities.


Digitally inspired media are visual composers, driven by the ideology of breaking down concepts. Digitally Inspired Media has different voices and different thoughts, but magic is created when it comes together. That is the Company’s strength.


Digitally inspired media infuses a relaxed and inclusive culture of happy vibe: the freedom of creative expression and a resident. The client has a kicking agency that is continually evolving and inspiring.


Digitally inspired media are present in three locations – Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai to expand past Indian borders. Exciting clients are current.


Services of Digitally Inspired Media:-

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Social media Management
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Emailer


Clients that Digitally inspired media works with:-

  1. Saint-Gobain
  2. Sun tv
  3. Green trends
  4. Sun next
  5. KTV
  6. SPI Cinemas
  7. Cavin Kare


  1. Digital SEO


Digital SEO assortment talented professionals with diversified portfolios to form a team comprising of management personnel, web designers, multimedia specialists, and digital strategists who work together to generate the desired outcome from projects.


Digital SEO’S strength:-


  1. With a generous spread across educational qualifications, individual expertise, and experience, strengths are built on each other as a cohesive unit to bring about expected positive results.
  2. Clients will like working with the highly creative, dedicated, and interested set of people who bring a healthy cultural mix into the fray, making your experience with Digital SEO a very people-centric one.


The common interests and goal-oriented client-first approach, is letting the way for exploring new avenues while sailing influential in research and developments in the digital marketing world.


Digital SEO services are offered to all businesses. They strictly adhere to the ‘no sales gimmicks’ rule, which has been their USP.


Services Offered by Digital SEO:-


SEO Services- 


  • Build organic traffic
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Usage of tracking tools
  • State of the art analytical techniques
  • Cost-effective client acquisitions
  • Strict usage of White hat techniques
  • Long term results help to build goodwill
  • SEO services offering cost-effective internet.


Social Media Services-


  • Sharing on various social streams
  • Spreading the word through constant updates, newsfeeds, etc
  • Creating new ideas and promos that attract customers
  • Evaluation and observation of website performance and social media responses.
  • Detailed analysis of the social media strategies employed by your competition.
  • It is creating and managing the client’s social media profile that includes blogs, forums, social networking sites, etc.
  • They are conducting a social media audit that helps to have a tab on the social media marketing strategies and how they are utilized to the maximum benefit.


Why Digital SEO remains the best social media management –


  • SEO and SMO go hand in hand
  • A positive impact is created on the client’s website rankings.
  • The brand’s perception is enhanced, and its reputation is built upon.
  • It helps to spread information about the client’s brand, business, and help promote it among various channels.
  • All the services are combined with SEO, and hence, SMO is offered as an integrated package.
  • Cost-effective social media optimization plan
  • Helps to increase web traffic to the customer’s site.
  • The Company’s SMO techniques put itself ahead of its competitors.
  • The Company puts technology to good use and plays it to the advantage of the client’s business.
  • The Company’s future centric strategic planning offers the leading edge over the client’s contemporaries.


SEM services 


With digital SEO as your SEO specialist in Chennai, potential customers can be reached when the buying cycle will begin through the Company’s best market practices.



  1. Echovme


Echovme specializes in Integrated marketing; by giving the client’s brand a complete 360-degree exposure, it needs to stand out in the ongoing digital revolution. Transcending boundaries and staying on top is challenging; indeed, at Echovme, they have successfully outgrown every challenge armed with passion and creativity. But it does not stop there. Visibility is attained by constant up-gradation of the ever-changing digital marketing landscape; Echovme makes sure to stay upgraded to stay ahead of the game. Echovme’s customized approach to creating a lasting impression on the minds of the audience through their integrated marketing approach is their specialty.


Services offered by Echovme:-


Echovme’s 360 digital marketing services are most sought after service today by its customers. Business presence must speak exceptionally well in the digital marketing stratosphere- Echovme show’s that the customers are regularly updated through Facebook updates, twitter feed, LinkedIn networks.


Echovme’s excellent online platform ensures the longevity of the client’s business.

Echovme, help’s customer’s to achieve:-

1) Result-oriented 360-degree strategic digital marketing approach.

2) Optimized advertisements across different online platforms.

3) Creative positioning of the brand to stand out in the crowd

4) Visibility in the digital media industry through exceptional campaigns

5) Campaign solutions customized for brands catering to different platforms

6) Ensures creative proximity with every flow of communication across the web

7) Visibility and credibility for your brand across all the channels

8) Investment’s return will be valued.


SEO Corporate Blogging-. Echovme’s Corporate Blogging is inevitable in increasing visibility, website traffic, and to generate leads.


An optimized blog elevates customer’s brand presence with targeted keywords, opening up a world of opportunities for the client to optimize the business.


Echovme’s process includes carefully incorporating SEO friendly content into the blog post by the way of specific, unique, and relevant content. After this, the blog will be promoted on social networking sites, thereby circulating the well thought about a blog post.


What can be achieved with ECHOVME’S SEO corporate blogging service:-


  1. We are integrating SEO friendly customized in-site blog with WordPress CMS.
  2. Consistent blog updates with newly renovated, unique content.
  3. They are promoting published blog posts on respective Social media channels.
  4. Integrating service targeted keywords with the blog post content
  5. Elevated online presence of the client’s brand through SEO.


Social Media Marketing- 


Facebook Marketing Services- with Echovme, you will achieve


  1. A targeted set of audience who has an acquired interest in your business.
  2. Drawing the audience to the page by sharing unique content.
  3. Clear corporate branding to etch brand names in campaigns and posts.
  4. They are engaging the acquired audience with more than 50 ways of content, contests, and campaigns.
  5. Campaigns are leading traffic to the website with Facebook ads (timeline and stamp ads) and retargeting ads.
  6. Maintaining rapport with the audience who can approach the platform with a query at any given time.




  1. Infinix


Different channels that reach your customers have to be employed for a digital marketing campaign to be successful. Infinix carefully analyzes all the best digital channels for the client’s business and include it in their digital marketing strategy.


Infinix combines exceptionally innovative ideas and robust technologies to reach customers. The Company does not stop there. They engage with their customers and create a sustainable relationship with all that will improve their brand loyalty. Every engagement is unique, and every digital channel is different.


Infinix’s strategy is simple –Identify potential customers online, turn them into their customers, and process the brand advocates.


Services of Infinix –


SEO Services-SEO is a strategy to optimize the client’s website to get more visitors from search engines. The top results in the search engines get significantly more attention and click-through from users, and the natural search results are trusted more than the paid ones.


Many small businesses to big fortune 500 companies rely on infinix. The business owner must understand that SEO is crucial for a business to sustain and increase sales.


SEO is evolving, complex, and tons of effort needs to be put in to get the best results, and that’s why customers choose infinix.


Infinix is one of the leading SEO company in Chennai, and they have a team of the world’s top-notch SEO experts working for them who can meet the client’s business goals.


Whether you already have a website or just started to create a new website, Infinix can help you with all SEO services in Chennai or even in any other part of the world.


Infinix has customers ranging from small business owners in tier 2 Indian cities to Los Angeles in the United States. Infinix also has packages suitable for the client’s needs and their budget.


Infinix’s high-level SEO process:-


Keyword Analysis– Keyword analysis is a tough job. It determines whether you reach your correct audience. As Infinix is the SEO Specialist in Chennai, they identify the keywords that potential customers use to search in major search engines.


At Infinix, keywords are relevant as once they are identified effectively, it will increase leads and sales.


Website Audit– A detailed audit of the client’s website in terms of design, user interaction, quality of content, and the adherence of best practices recommended by major search engines is performed by Infinix’s SEO experts. In case if you want a website, Infinix can create one for you at an affordable price putting in the best practices.


Off-page quality check – Infinix performs a detailed analysis of the quality of the client’s backlinks. If there are no quality backlinks, which is the case for most of the websites, then infinix as a leading SEO company has a heck of work.


Competitor analysis– Major competitors are identified, and a strategy will be formed to beat the competition. Expensive and industry-leading software will be used to perform this analysis. This will help us understand where the client stands against competitors.


Content Development-At Infinix, they measure the quality of content in terms of uniqueness, relevancy, and various other factors. They also write/rewrite the material to be more exciting and to align with google’s guidelines.



  1.  iStudio Technologies


iStudio Technologies is a leading web designing and digital marketing company in Chennai and was registered in 2008.


Digital marketing services offered by iStudio Technologies:-


  1. SEO services in Chennai– As the best SEO company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies will help clients to increase traffic to their website with the Company’s SEO experts to grow the client’s business to the next level.
  2. SEO consulting– iStudio will provide the most précised consultation for the client’s business to help achieve top ranking in browsers and greater reach in social media.
  3. Competitor Analysis– iStudio will place itself on its client’s shoes and perform a thorough SWOT analysis on its competitors to frame the best SEO strategy.
  4. Content Marketing– iStudio creates highly engaging and convertible content in formats like textual, video, image, and podcasts to pull your target audience.
  5. On-page SEO– iStudio follows a structured process in converting the client’s website into a browser-friendly one by deploying productive on-page SEO activities.
  6. Off-page SEO– In off-page activities, iStudio will implement in which it will be the backbone of a website in elevating the importance of on-page terms and attains maximum reach.
  7. Keyword Research– Deep-rooted scrutinization in finding the right set of keywords to help drive business and sustain it for a prolonged time.
  8. Link building– iStudio involves in a proficient link-building activity that paves the way towards smooth navigability of the website.
  9. Social Media Optimization– Dedicated Social media strategies are provided by iStudio to grow their client’s business and expand the customer base.
  10. Content writing– iStudio provides high impulsive content that will get blend well with the keywords and search terms in generating the desired traffic.
  11. Online Branding– Online branding is all about positioning a particular product in its targeted niche, and iStudio moves a step ahead and do a segment and targeting to magnify the client’s uniqueness.
  12. Reputation Management– iStudio’s Research and analytical wing makes sure that the client’s reputation gets undisturbed by continuously monitoring the reviews and feedbacks received online.




  1. KVN Promos


KVN promos laid its base in the year 2011. It was set up by a group of energetic enthusiasts who were keenly interested in starting a revolution in digital marketing. KVN’s biggest goal is only to satisfy the needs of their customers.


Kvn’s most significant award is the positive response that they receive from their customers after doing business, and they cherish that. Kvn’s central vision is to enhance its optimized digital marketing techniques in an innovative way such that every activity on the global scale is increased. The Company helps to reach all over the universe at a maximum budget.


Services of Digital Marketing offered by KVN Promos:-


Optimized Digital Marketing– Digital Marketing has numerous methods and options like SEO, SMM, SEM, e-mail marketing, SMS marketing, which can be worked upon to boost sales.

The Company’s optimized digital marketing solutions experts have worked on these aspects and channeled them in such a way that it generates effective results at an affordable cost.


From these numerous channels, the Company has optimized and made use of a few services which guarantee effective results and enhances the client’s business over the long run.

Optimized digital marketing service of KVN Promos includes SEO, SMO, Online reputation management; Online paid marketing, automated e-mail campaigns, corporate videos.


 Search Engine Optimization– SEO for business is like water for humans. SEO services are the fundamental entities required for every sale thriving to attain success. KVN has a team of SEO experts who will collaborate with the client to increase the value of the client’s Company.


KVN experts analyze the market from scratch and submit a detailed, meticulous report.


KVN implement those results by optimizing the client’s websites accordingly up to the expectation of the search engine. The unique services of KVN are to do keyword analysis, content writing, link building, social bookmarking, article submission, press release, site validation, site security submission, and blog submissions are improve search results and increase traffic.


Social Media Optimization services– Regular updates on social media will be provided by KVN like 1. Brand Monitoring– SMO helps in engaging customer’s targeted segments, and it is the most natural channel to viral new updates.


Social media management– Track and manage social media, which has several pros and cons.KVN leads it neatly.


Social Media Contests-KVN organizes social media contests with local regulations and encourages active users in their pages.

Setup and Custom profile design-First impression is the best impression when visitors come to the website or social media page.KVN professionally designs social patterns.


Social Media Marketing– Social Media Marketing is part of the team that works in the process of online marketing. Social media management services comprise social media campaigns and networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and youtube. Even it helps with Search engine optimization.

Clients of KVN– Clients include BITS Pilani, MIOT international, Max health insurance, Amet University, etc.



  1. Marketing Panthers


Marketing Panthers are a team of passionate, goal-oriented digital marketing professionals based in Chennai. They are dedicated to delivering highly responsive and interactive website design, development, implementation, and digital marketing solutions focused on the client’s requirements and success goals. Marketing Panthers defines itself as a leading digital marketing agency committed to delivering excellence.


Digital marketing services offered by Marketing Panthers:-


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Marketing Panther’s goal is to provide a service that will give a long term result, and revenues will be enhanced. Marketing Panther’s main aim is to ensure a high return on investment by achieving better SEO.


Why you should choose Marketing panthers as your SEO partner:-


Price is best– The price is offered for customers in the market at the best rate. Also, customized packages are available according to the client’s requirements.

High-Quality Content– Quality content will be used, which is 100 % original.

Support from the customer – The Company’s customer support team will always be ready to handle clients.

Ethical techniques– White hat SEO Techniques are followed by Marketing Panther.

Fast service– Time is valued here, and the solution is always delivered within deadlines.


Social Media Marketing –Marketing Panthers provides highly remarkable and Strategic Social Media Marketing in Chennai, which will give the perfect idea of social media exposure to the client’s business and help reach all potential customers.


Why choose Marketing panthers for your social media marketing plan:-


Professionals– Marketing Panthers social media professionals are experts.

Media Platforms-All social media platforms are included in the plan.


SMM plan– All SMM issues are handled, and the best SMM design plan is made.


Customized Packages– Customized packages are offered according to the requirement and budget of the project.


Strategy– Highly strategic planning is followed, and work process implementation is supported.


Content Writing– Marketing Panthers has a dedicated team of content writers who work under content managing and editing expert.


Why choose Marketing Panthers Content Writing Services:-


  • 100 % original and correct grammatically correct.
  • High-quality work at an affordable price and within time deadlines.
  • SEO Friendly writing with suitable positioning of keywords.
  • The best prices are offered.



  1. O3M Directional Marketing


O3M is a full-service digital marketing agency with a track record of success. Their 75 plus man-years of experience enable O3M to offer cutting edge online marketing solutions, including SEO, PPC, and SMO, which effectively conduct businesses with prospective customers.


O3M is the digital arm of the business that enables them to achieve online growth goals as one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies. O3M directional marketing provides its clients with digital marketing services at a tremendous value proposition.


Digital Marketing Mediums of O3M


Google ADWORDS– Appear for the searches that matter to the customers the most with a Google Adwords search campaign by O3M. O3M’s trained analysts will optimize your Campaign to get the most out of your advertising budget.


SEO– With O3M’s SEO programs they implement a mix of research and planning: – The client’s business, competitors and objectives are understood along with site review and

audit, initial discovery interview, initial assessment and report, content calendar creation, website content suggestions, On-page SEO updates, off-page SEO link building, Reporting.


Facebook advertising and YouTube



  1. Open Designs


Open Designs build high end digital and brand solutions that help businesses grow their online presence through digital marketing. At OPEN, they not only have specialists who understand different avenue of digital marketing but also know how to bring it all together, resulting in user-centric objectives.


Over the past 20 years, Open is giving the human touch to the digital marketing realm by joining the dots and making connections that enable brands to stay ahead. Open also is committed to the value of relationships built.


Digital marketing services offered by Open:-


  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay per click
  • Blogging
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Content Marketing


  1. Raga Designers


Raga Designers are a friendly and enthusiastic team of specialists in website design, Web development, content management, and digital marketing. In their nine years of business, they have worked with over 2000 customers and have created close to 1500 quality websites.


They maintain and build relationships with customers. The core aim of the Company is to always provide customer satisfaction. The Managing Director is Santhosh V.


Digital marketing services offered by Raga –


  • Content writing services
  • SEO services
  • SMO
  • SMM
  • E-MAIL Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing


  1. Rage Communications 


Twenty years and a thousand rewarding endeavors later, Rage continues to uphold their promise-make the web work for you. Rage is a Digital Marketing Company where ideas are transformed into feasible solutions that help clients meet their business aims. Whether it’s a first-time entrepreneur or a massive corporate, Rage has the creativity, experience, resources to put the web to work for you. Rage’s expertise goes beyond graphic design, visualizing, and copywriting, etc.


Digital marketing services offered by Rage:-


SEO– An SEO strategy needs to be aimed at achieving the highest possible rankings. The SEO services include:-


  • Detailed Site review
  • Keyword analysis
  • Copy and content optimization
  • Inbound link management
  • Major search engine submissions
  • Paid Inclusion packages





Rankraze is one of the top digital marketing companies in Chennai. Their journey started in June 2016. They are a small but passionate team who have years of experience and are certified experts at digital marketing.


They believe in Data-driven digital marketing and strictly adhere to white hat techniques and anti-spam policy. Their vision is to establish themselves as a leading digital marketing agency globally. Their motto is if we can do it for us, we can do it for you too.


Digital marketing services offered by Rank raze:-


  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC
  • Content Writing



  1. S Dream Works


S dream works is a digital marketing service and web designing company in Chennai.

Digital Marketing Services offered by S dream Works:- From small startups to large businesses, S Dreams Works deliver bespoke and value-added services that best position the client’s venture to expand and standing online.


The digital marketing services offered are


  • SEO
  • PPC
  • E-mail Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Video Marketing



  1. SEO Infinity


SEO infinity is a digital marketing and certified SEO company that spreads its wings to fly high with a range of outsourcing solutions and SEO company services.


SEO Infinity is open for persistent improvement with web applications and search engine specific keyword formation. SEO Infinity is accepted in the top SEO service company providing web business by looking at the competitive marketplace and with selected keywords.


As an SEO services company, they always ensure the top 10 positions with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and bing. SEO infinity provides its clients with global recognition with services 24/7 as one of the SEO companies.


Digital Marketing Services offered by SEO infinity:-


  • SEO services
  • PPC
  • Link Building
  • Social Media
  • Local SEO Services
  • Content Creation


  1. Social Beat


Founded in 2012, Social Beat is one of India’s leading digital marketing solutions company with offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. Social Beat is a young and energetic team of 170 + enthusiastic digital experts who believe in innovative strategies and out of the box solutions for our 50 plus marquee clients.


They manage digital media buying over INR 300 crores for clients across Real Estate, BFSI, Retail, E-commerce, and Healthcare.


Digital marketing services offered by Social Beat:-


Content and SEO strategy– Social Beat’s experienced team of content writers and SEO strategists work in tandem to ensure that the client’s brand achieves higher visibility and tangible organic results.


From handpicking the best content format, producing content of the highest quality, optimizing it for search engines, and amplifying it across channels, Social beats go the extra mile to achieve the objectives.


Social Beat’s crucial ingredients for On-page SEO:-


Great Content – Social beat has vast experience in creating, designing, and amplifying high-performing pillar content that produces unprecedented results with every likelihood of showing up as a snippet or answer box.


Seamless User Experience– Social beat ensures users are engaged on the website through.


Optimized Website Architecture –The client’s website gets better crawlability.


Off-Page SEO activities done by Social Beat:-


Developing quality backlinks– Backlinks are an essential signal for Google to judge your website’s quality. Social beat develops it through –

  • E-mail outreach
  • Backlinks from quality domains
  • Spam link analysis
  • GMB listings


Encourage social sharing– Social signals are a crucial ranking factor. Ensures the client’s website performs well on social platforms by 1. Content amplification-Blogs are amplified and content on various social media platforms for higher engagement and traffic.


Building Authority– The client’s website’s authority determines how Google ranks it. Social beat helps grow the client’s website’s authority through brand search-With a combination of on-page and off-page techniques. Social Beat ensures even your unbranded searches are turned into branded ones.


Social Media Marketing


Build awareness by developing a distinct brand voice– A loyal following on social media can be the biggest weapon in the client’s brand’s arsenal. Through social beat’s unique mix of creativity powered by genius, they create, grow, and sustain brand awareness on social media. Every brand has a personality.


A compelling and evocative brand personality will help you establish a deep connection with your audience. Social beat works closely with the client’s team to understand the brand’s unique personality to ensure the best strategy to communicate it.


Transform loyal audiences into a successful leads-Your brand is just not promoted here; consumers are taken through a journey. This journey starts from creative posts that capture the attention, nurturing them through sustained community building and converting them into leads through calls-action.


  1. Spinta Digital


Spinta Digital is Digital Marketing partners who believe in the creation and development of perfect digital journeys. Spinta Digital consists of a group of digitally savvy individuals who are continually working together to continually inspire to grow together and, in the process, discover the best possible digital means to cater to client’s distinct needs.


Spinta Digital aspires to be the client’s ultimate growth partners maximizing value proposition and leading to the enlargement of the business on a large scale.


Digital marketing services offered by Spinta Digital:-


Social Media Marketing– Be it an amalgamation of tailored content or out of the box designs, Spinta Digital ensures client’s social media brand presence drives user engagement and establishes long-lasting, fruitful connections bound to stay.



Content Marketing– Content marketing is about using the client’s brand content as a powerful tool to attract and retain the client’s target audience. Not only is the Company working towards building trust and relationships through the content, but it also encourages conversions by giving customers the information they need to make educated purchase decisions.


Spinta digital’s content specialists strive hard to use distinct methods and tools to effectively communicate the customer’s brand message to the audiences. Some of the platforms used include:-

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Social Media
  • E-mails
  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes


The content produced will drive audiences towards the client’s brand and its products. Spinta Digital will generate content that catalyzes the growth and establishment of the client’s brand presence.

Google ADS Management– At Spinta Digital, they have the experience it takes to run strategized and successful google ad campaigns for clients. Spinta digital will help clients define their goals, create and design ad copies, leverage on targeting tools, build highly targeted landing pages, and maximize the value of the advertising spend.


The services offered here are:-


  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • Ad creative development
  • Campaign Set up
  • Bid Management and ROI tracking
  • Landing Page Optimization and Development
  • Campaign Management and Analysis


Affiliate Marketing– Spinta Digital’s all-star marketing team offers the client’s business win-win solutions to thrive and drive more significant word of mouth referrals and increase sales revenue like never before.


They make it easy for the brand to go viral and expand the social reach across social platforms through the building of high-performance campaigns that harness online sales. Spinta Digital’s network of key influencers enables the clients to connect with the right marketers, drive sales, and maximize returns.



  1. Superforce 


Superforce provides all the necessary services and tools for businesses to operate in the mobile-first cloud-first world.


Digital marketing solutions provided by Superforce:-


SEO– SEO is the process of enhancing the visibility of a website. Superforce makes the sites available as SEO websites or help in optimizing the old websites. Superforce helps the customers to get delighted by driving more traffic to the website.


Search Engine Marketing– SEM helps in increasing the visibility of websites in the result pages of the search engine using advertising and population. It is done through keyword research, web saturation, and popularity and backend tools.


Mobile Marketing- Superforce helps sellers reach buyers easier than other means. Superforce ensures that the sellers find their customers with time and location sensitive and can market with personalized information with innovative, reaching ideas. It is achieved through SMS, MMS, Push notifications, App-based marketing, in-game mobile marketing, etc.


Pay per click marketing– Superforce also provides services that could route internet users to client’s websites by clicking on other links available online. The Company offers services that are void of click fraud through automated services.


Social Media Marketing– This service is to provide increased website trafficking through marketing via social media sites. This form of advertising is prevalent nowadays owing to its nature of earned media rather than paid media.


Superforce helps in marketing through social media such as Facebook, twitter, youtube, Foursquare. With social networks, information relevant to the user’s likes is available to businesses, who can then advertise accordingly.


Link building services– As a link building service provider, Superforce pushes high-quality, relevant links to the client’s site. These links could help in building the SEO process stronger.

E-mail Marketing- A prevalent form of internet marketing and the traditional one is through e-mail marketing. Superforce helps in identifying target customers, building the customer database for the e-mail senders list.




  1. TechMagnate


Techmagnate is India’s top SEO Company with offices in Chennai, Mumbai, and headquarters in New Delhi. Established in 2006, Techmagnate is a complete SEO company that consults and implements the customer’s entire digital marketing strategy. This will include everything from redesigning your website to SEO services and online reputation management to develop online applications to engage customers.


Why choose Techmagnate


An Ethics led SEO Company- Techmagnate is ethics led SEO Company that does not promise magical top ten listings overnight. It’s realistic, and it recommends what clients can do with their current scenario to gain traffic.


Certified SEO company- Many of the Company’s SEO experts are google analytics and Google ad words certified individuals.


500 + satisfied customers –More than 500 satisfied customers are spread across the globe

Cost-Effective Price– Techmagnate will make the budget work for the client with a clever mix of several online marketing strategies to help the casual browser buy the client’s product service or story.


Digital Marketing Services offered by Techmagnate


  • ORM services
  • Brand Reputation Management services
  • Reputation management services for corporate
  • Reputation Management for celebrities
  • Hotel reputation management services
  • Restaurant reputation


Techmagnate’s ORM strategy:-


Reputation monitoring– Techmagnate will monitor existing web material about the Company’s brand and the products. Techmagnate’s online reputation monitoring software helps keep an eye on both professional journalism and user-created content such as blogs and blog comments.


Respond– Techmagnate will help to respond to negative perceptions and, simultaneously, create and promote positive content on various web platforms relevant for the brand and Company.


Increase accessibility– Techmagnate will also devise ways to become more accessible and customer-friendly, in terms of the online interfaces clients use for interacting with and providing information to web users.


The process for Online Reputation Management is simple, and the following will be included.

Promotion of existing positive content

New content and social media profile creation

Active involvement in the social web sphere

Responding to negative reviews on online media


PPC services


PPC services used by tech magnate are:-


  • Search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Google shopping ads
  • Mobile advertising
  • Content marketing


Content marketing service of tech magnate list includes 


  • Blog posts creation
  • Infographics design
  • SEO content writing
  • Press releases


Steps involved in Content marketing of Techmagnate:-


Research– Techmagnate discovers what the client’s industry’s audiences crave, where the client’s competitors derive their most success.


Ideation– A content plan is tailored that matches the services and products with the sales demographic. They know that the end goal is to bring a high profit, and nothing builds a more significant ROI than authority-building content.


Creation– Techmagnate follows the latest writing practices to create content that reads, entertains, and converts.


Sharing– Content does not require an audience on its own. Techmagnate helps to spread and promote content, build a simple, effective social distribution plan, and devise the most cost-effective and efficient way to grow your website’s audience.


Measuring-Every article, blog entry, and content edit are tracked, analyzed, and built upon by Techmagnate.



  1. Ting


Ting is a fully integrated digital marketing, and the creative Company started in 2009 and offices based in Chennai and Mumbai.


Digital Marketing Services Provided by Ting:-


Social media marketing


Mobile Marketing

Clients of Ting: – JIO, Crisil, TAJ, ITC, ZEE THAMIZH, Murugappa.


  1. Webboombaa


Webboombaa is a digital marketing company based in Chennai. They cater to a wide array of services to a reputable set of clients.


Digital marketing services offered by Webboombaa:-


Search Engine Optimization – At Webboombaa, SEO ranks the website on top of search results for selected keywords in the specific industry.


The optimization of the search engine begins with attaining a deeper understanding of how the search engine works. The crawling and indexing in a search engine are two significant aspects to be understood before the SEO process.


Webboombaa’s SEO strategy:-


The SEO strategies followed by webboombaa are:-


Defining digital ambitions

Website scrutiny

Competitor Analysis

Keyword research

Mapping optimization


Traffic monitoring and rankings

Refinement and reporting


Why SEO with Webboombaa :-


Constant in-depth research on quality factors

Unique and definitive content creation

Dedicated keyword researching tools

Retargeting strategies and expert targeting

Brand presence boosted among an undefined wide range of audiences.


Social Media Optimization 


Social Media Marketing-


Facebook Marketing


Why Facebook marketing with Webboombaa:-


Unique Facebook ads (timeline and stamp ads) and retargeting ads are used to develop lasting traffic to the website.

Quality lead generation is done with the useful paretto principle.

Define corporate branding with sector-driven campaigns and posts.

Innovative content, contests, and campaigns are conducted to boost the acquired audience.


LinkedIn Marketing


Why LinkedIn marketing with Webboombaa-


It has a distinct narrowed ‘LinkedIn approach’ with ROI driven strategies.

Advanced prospect detecting methods are devised.

Expert researchers to analyses and immediately act on the upcoming trends on LinkedIn.

Twitter marketing- Why twitter ads with Webboombaa:-

Right target audience is chosen

Will get the customer discovered

ROI driven strategy is present here.


Instagram Marketing


Webboombaa does the following in Instagram:-


Reposts from employees

Influencer posts

Motivational posts

User-generated content






Why Weboin is the best match in digital marketing for your business:-


  1. Weboin provides a one-stop solution for all the online marketing techniques which will include Social media Marketing, Search engine marketing, online advertising.
  2. Online customer support is available 24/7 to make the customers comfortable.3. The Company’s experts are very good at creating a series of blog posts that lead to the customers to know about recent activities.


Digital marketing services offered by WEboin:-


SEO –Why Weboin is the best SEO company in Chennai: – Competitive analysis –All activities of web spiders, Search engine rankings, and other metrics are observed.


Social Media Marketing-Why chooses Weboin as your social media marketing company:- Weboin utilizes the ever-changing and best organic algorithms for tracking reach.

The engagement of the audience will be calculated based on the number of social interactions and responses received.


  1. Yung Media


Yung Media is an end-end digital marketing company with a robust research-focused team and a team full of creative people. This Company also delivers data-driven, content-powered, and ROI campaigns that smash the customer’s goals.


What sets YUNG Apart from other digital marketing companies-Yung knows how to decrease costs; they also run SEM campaigns to KPI’S Performance. They are also transparent in their reporting, which is their most significant asset to date. They also can tailor their team and adapt to requirements in a fast manner.


Digital Marketing Services by Yung:-


The digital marketing services provided by Yung include

  1. SEO
  2. Social media marketing.


The industries Yung caters to are – 


  1. Real estate
  2. Education
  3. Entertainment
  4. Travel
  5. Ecommerce


  1. CRAZY Hippos


Crazy Hippos is a digital marketing and advertising agency based in Chennai, and it is a wildly creative company full of creative people.


Digital marketing services offered by Crazy Hippos:-


  1. SEO
  2. SMO
  3. Social Media Marketing


  1. Sukere Digital 


Sukere is a digital marketing company, and they are filled with specialists who deliver fantastic results, and relationships in Sukere are based on persistence, transparency, mutual trust, integrity.


Digital marketing services offered by Sukere:-


  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. E-mail marketing
  4. Pay per click
  5. Content writing


  1. BIZ15 


BIZ15 is a digital marketing company that started in the year 2010. Our main aim is to provide digital marketing solutions to businesses. Efficient work is believed here, and the satisfaction of clients is of utmost importance.


Digital Marketing Services offered by BIZ15:-


  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Video advertising


  1. Gilead Digital


Gilead Digital is a digital marketing company that helps customers to reach their Company on the web. It has offices in Chennai and Cochin.


Digital Marketing Services offered by Gilead digital are:-


  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Content Writing




  1. PIQUED 


Piqued Digital Media is a digital marketing company from Chennai, where the belief is on SEO, tailor-made, and digital marketing services. Piqued is known for its curiosity.


The vision of Piqued:-


Piqued Dares to challenge the marketing hegemony of Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai.




Piqued swears that they commit to all things that disrupt the marketing landscape would leave their customers perplexed.


Digital Marketing Services of Piqued –


SEO – Piqued is allergic to services that are packaged. They believe in a tailor-made digital approach and also in the following criteria –


  • Evolving and iterative strategies
  • The structure which is tiered that can be scaled to any limit
  • An agile approach.


Piqued also creates content that is tone consistent and your brand objective and also is valuable in the SEO endeavor.


Social Media Marketing-Piqued follows a centralized, cohesive digital marketing strategy and also lays down how a brand will communicate through social media.


Piqued also makes sure that its engineers conduct site audits for keyword understanding, content quality on the website, internal linking strategies, and the following points.


  1. Brand tone Consistency
  2. A cohesive digital strategy
  3. Smart budget expenditure


  1. is a digital marketing company in Chennai founded in 2012 and strongly believes content is vital. It differentiates from other digital marketing companies in the quality of the work aspect and will not rest until the client’s brand is doing well.


  1. Hourglass


The mission of Hourglass solutions is to enhance companies’ efficiency, with the help of cutting-edge technology. Their vision is to function at the cutting edge of technology to improve service delivery for companies.


Hourglass shares a justifiable reputation amongst the top digital marketing company in Chennai. Their relationships and partner collaborations help them in crafting the ideal marketing campaigns, ensuring maximized returns.


Digital marketing services offered by Hourglass 


  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Social media marketing




SEOBEE is a digital marketing company from Chennai since 2010. The basic principle of the Company is to work closely with the client in which they analyze the business and the strengths and come up with solutions.


Digital marketing services offered by SEOBEE


  1. SEO
  2. SMM
  3. PPC


  1. RedMAPLE


RedMaple media is a digital marketing and advertising agency that excels in both digital marketing and traditional marketing. Having 25 years of experience, they give their clients a much-needed edge.


Digital marketing services offered by RedMaple:-


  1. Social media marketing
  2. SEO
  3. PPC
  4. Content marketing
  5. Google ADS/PPC
  6. E-mail Marketing




  1. Blackmount 


Blackmount is an established digital marketing and web development service company catering to clients worldwide.


Digital marketing services offered by Blackmount:-


  1. SEO
  2. SMO
  3. ORM
  4. SMM




Opendesignsin is a complete passion-driven digital marketing company with 20 years of experience in building brand avatars.


Digital marketing services offered by Opendesignsin-


  1. SEO
  2. SMM
  3. PPC
  4. E-mail marketing
  5. content marketing


  1. Iperidigi 


Iperidigi is a digital marketing company from Chennai.


Digital marketing services offered by Iperidigi:-


  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Content marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Influencer marketing.


  1. Pyramidion digital 


Pyramidion digital is a digital marketing company from Chennai.


Why pyramidion digital:-


Pyramidion continuously aims to evolve and improve its services. The team works very hard to keep abreast of all the latest digital trends and tools to give their customers an edge over in the competition.


Digital Marketing Services provided by Pyramidion digital:-


  • SEO
  • Social Media marketing
  • PPC
  • ORM


Pyramidion digital will do a free complete analysis of all factors that affect the customer’s visibility when it comes to search engines. The Company’s website audit will detect all weak points in the client’s Campaign, which affects web performance.


  1. OmniaDigital 


Omniadigital is a fully creativity-driven digital marketing agency from Chennai which offers service from branding, Websites, Digital strategy, and execution to content marketing and Campaign management. Their main goal is to help the client’s brand reach their goals effectively and efficiently.


Digital Marketing Services offered by Omniadigital:-


  1. Brand Identity Creation
  2. Website design and development
  3. Digital strategy and planning
  4. Performance marketing
  5. Content Marketing
  6. E-commerce marketing





ADhuntt is a digital marketing company from Chennai, and it comprises of a young and vibrant team which takes the digital marketing world by storm through their dreams and bolder ideas.


Why choose Adhuntt:-


At Adhuntt, they don’t slap across a logo on the idea and call it a brand. Adhuntt’s main forte is on building the customer’s brand identity through hard work and perseverance to create their organic following. This will pave a path to establish a particular brand as a thought leader in the industry.


Other reasons are:-


  1. Efficient and cost-effective solutions will be provided for all brand marketing problems.
  2. Very adaptable and flexible.
  3. Efficient and cost-effective solutions will be provided for all brand marketing problems.
  4. Reliable and dependable work culture is practiced here.


Digital marketing services offered by ADHuntt:-


SEO– With thousands of startups blowing up on the internet, ADhuntt’s robust digital marketing team is dedicated to providing the edge needed to propel the brand to the top of the chain.


The SEO services of ADHuntt are:- 


  • Competition research
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content optimization


Content Marketing– The content creators at Adhuntt focus on distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience.

Social Media Marketing 


  1. Social Orange


Social orange is a digital marketing company with headquarters in Bangalore and an office in Chennai.


The digital marketing services offered by social orange are:-


  1. SEO
  2. SMM
  3. ORM Using AI


  1. Digital Tamila 


Digital Tamila is a digital marketing company in Chennai by a young team of talented people. Digital Tamila is one of the emerging digital marketing companies in Chennai, having extensive knowledge and experience.


Why Digital Tamila for your digital marketing services:-


  1. Services are more reliable and efficient than other companies
  2. Digital Tamila provides the most economical price for startups, small and corporate companies.
  3. Educating clients and also take steps to boost website ranking


Digital marketing services by Digital Tamila:-


  1. SEO– How Digital Tamila helps with SEO:-
  • Increase in CTR
  • Increase in brand reputation among competitors
  • SEO ranking results are long-lasting and steady.
  1. SMO
  2. PPC
  3. E-Mail marketing


  1. Thynkk– 


Thynkk is a digital marketing company in Chennai.


Thynkk’s digital marketing services are –


  1. SEO
  2. SMM


  1. Zestie


Zestie is a digital marketing company from Chennai with a proven track record of efficient client management, which offers result oriented service. For any client, a 360-degree swot analysis is done to figure out the best business opportunities.


All the customer’s inbound and outbound lead flow are monitored, and effective online marketing strategies are suggested, showing consistent growth in revenue and brand reach.


The vision of Zestie:- Leverage digital marketing to provide solutions that help businesses in expanding brand reach.


Mission:- To be the best digital marketing company that helps brands connect to the clients using online platforms, build trust, and create lasting relationships.


Digital Marketing Services of Zestie:-


SEO– Zestie first understands the client’s business line and products, services the client offers. They will then work in coordination with the customer to decide on the keywords. A code snippet also will be added to all the webpages.


Social Media Marketing– Zestie will first review the client’s existing code and embed the data analytics code snippet to the social media pages. After that, the client can track the endeavor, progress, and the success of the business engagement online itself.

Content Writing– Zestie will pick up the client’s content and publish it in the most engaging sites, public forums for transparency to work better.


  1. Bigfoxx

Bigfoxx is a branding and digital marketing company.

Bigfoxx enables its customers to master digital transformation through

proficiency in understanding the implications of digital fluctuations and the

little interactivity of a brand.


Digital marketing services offered by Bigfoxx:-


  1. SMM
  2. SEO
  3. E-mail marketing
  4. Whatsapp marketing
  5. Online advertising
  6. SMS marketing


  1. DLK Technologies 


DLK Technologies is digital marketing and web

development company from Chennai and they are an expert in SEO, Social Media



The values of DLK are:-


  • excellence
  • Inclusiveness
  • Opportunity
  • Fairness
  • Teamwork


Digital Marketing Services by DLK technologies:-


SEO services– At DLK, an SEO audit

of the client’s website can be done manually.

SMM– DLK will help in the social media aspect by

  • Social media audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Social media activation
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social PR


The client will also get a full assessment analysis of

their social media panorama from DLK, a proposal where nonstop suggestions for

the next steps in social media advertising will be given, a monthly report and

development file also will be provided.


Content Marketing

E-mail marketing

PPC AdWords management 


  1. Searchie Digital– 

The Searchie is a digital marketing company from Chennai, and they provide a 360-degree edge over digital marketing techniques to grow

the client’s business. Searchie follows all new trends


Digital Marketing Services by Searchie:-


  1. SEO
  2. SMM
  3. Content Writing
  4. E-mail Marketing


  1. Saijith 


Saijith SEO services are a digital marketing company from

Chennai started in 2008. Their mission is to offer world-class services

like SEO, Content writing, e-mail marketing. Their vision is to become the best

SEO agency in Chennai.


The digital marketing services of Saijith include:-


  1. SEO
  2. SMO
  3. Content Marketing
  4. E-mail Marketing


  1. ESEARCH Advisors


E –search Advisors is a digital marketing company and

training institute from Chennai. Their motto is to create more digital

marketers who will rule the future and also enhance the client’s business

through their training.


Digital Marketing Services provided by ESearch:-


SEO – Why Student’ s/client’s

should choose e-search for SEO:-

Result oriented

services provided


Dedicated Industry




January 19th, 2021 12:33 pm

Top 20 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai 2021

It is important to do digital marketing these days. Digital marketing helps companies to dominate competitors in the same field.

As the world moves everything online, We have to make our business online. Then only business will grow in the future. We have to move with the world.

That is why digital marketing is important for each business. You are doing marketing for your business, that is good. But you haven’t thought about digital marketing for your business. It is a mistake today.

So, digital marketing is a necessity for business now. Now, where do you find the best digital marketing services?

It is the next big question in front of you!

In this blog, we list the top 20 digital marketing companies in Chennai. Where you can find the best digital marketing services.

You don’t have to wonder why a digital marketing company is needy for your business. Only a digital marketing company can provide all the digital marketing solutions.

If you are running your company in Chennai, this blog will help you. It will show you the best solution for your business needs.

The top 20 digital marketing companies will help you to choose which company suits you. Which digital marketing company in Chennai provides the best service. The best digital marketing service for your business.

Here are the list of top 20 digital marketing companies in Chennai:

  1. Searchie Digital

Searchie Digital is a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. They provide end to end digital marketing solutions. Customized online marketing is the key thing we have.

We work with startups and large corporations. Study according to their business needs. This helps us to find out the Best Digital Marketing Strategies for their business.

This is why they say that they provide customized Digital Marketing solutions.

Searchie Digital is the best online advertising and marketing company in Chennai. We provide fast Digital Marketing solutions for startup businesses.

Searchie Digital is running with happy clients. Their team analyzes the marketing trend. Then they do customize the digital marketing strategies that work well.

The content development strategies and marketing trend made them grow well. Also in a short period of time. Searchie Digital can give you the best digital marketing solution for your business.

The reason why you should choose Searchie Digital, there are many things to consider. Within a short time they achieve customer trust and great revenue. This shows they are providing great results to their clients.

This makes Searchie Digital a Top Digital Marketing Company in Chennai.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Designing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • POS Services

Contact Details

Contact no: +91 9884103334; +91 9840063334


Address: 5, Damodaran street, 2nd Floor, near Sindhi Model School,
Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010


  1. Echovme 

Echovme is  another good Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. They conducted more than 250 Digital Marketing Workshops in India.

They focus more in integrated digital marketing. It gives a brand complete exposure over digital platforms. 

Staying on top is a challenge for everyone. As a top Digital Marketing Company in Chennai among others, Echovme does this for you. 

Visibility and brand maintenance need constant up-gradation. They assure regular upgrades at work. This is why they stay as one of the top digital marketing companies in Chennai.

Echovme being a top brand in the digital marketing industry. As a top Digital Marketing Company in Chennai they deliver the best solution. Best Digital Marketing solutions make their clients happy to do business with them.


  • Digital Marketing Services
  • SEO Corporate Blogging
  • Online Marketing Services
  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Digital Marketing Training

Contact Details

Contact: +91-9176402555


Address: 1A, Sapna Trade Centre, 135, Poonamallee High Road, Pursaiwalkam, Chennai 600084


  1. Digital Tamila 

Digital Tamila is also a top Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. Digital Tamila Digital Marketing Agency located in Anna Nagar, Chennai. 

They have a good team to analyze the client’s business nature. This innovative team came up with a good digital marketing solution. This digital marketing solution is the key to client’s success.

They promote clients’ business in digital. This helps them to improve sales and business leads. This also helps their brand to get visible among the target audience.

They work with some leading clients. Our digital marketing strategies improve their brand success. This makes us being top as a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

Digital Tamila started with two buddies. It is becoming a leading digital online bureau in Anna Nagar, Chennai. 

They have innovative teams to analyze the business nature of customers. Then they suggest the best way to become a brand. We promote a client through digital to get the best business leads and revenue. 


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Pay per click
  • Local SEO
  • Web development
  • E-commerce development

Contact Details

Contact: 9894477809


Address: Second Avenue, AP826, 11th Main Rd, G BLOCK, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040


  1. Marketing Panthers 

Marketing Panthers is another good Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. They are a team of professionals who are passionate in digital marketing.

As a good Digital Marketing Company in Chennai, we deliver the Best SEO Friendly Websites. They focus on delivering responsive and interactive websites to the client.

This implementation is a key in digital marketing success for the clients. They focus on client requirements and their digital marketing goals.

As one of the best Digital Marketing Company in Chennai we deliver their results. They are one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies. They promises excellence in their work result.


  • Digital Branding
  • SEO Optimization
  • PPC Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Website Designing
  • Android Apps Development
  • E-Commerce Development

Contact Details

Contact: 8220482942


Address: No:3A, 1st Floor,
                Radha Avenue Main Road,
                Sridevi kuppam, Valasaravakkam,
                Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 600087


  1. DigitalSEO

Digital SEO is a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. They are also based in Tirunelveli district. They have talented professionals for digital media solutions.

Our talented team consist of web designers, multimedia specialists and digital strategists. Our team analyzes and drives Digital Marketing Strategies to deliver the results.

They work in an integrated manner to produce the best outcome. This helps us to create the desired results out of the project. 


  • SEO Services
  • SMO Services
  • SEM(Adwords) Services
  • Content writing
  • Web designing
  • Ecommerce consulting
  • Reputation management
  • Web analytics

Contact Details

Contact: 9283183983


Address: Digital SEO Marketing Company,
                 209, Vignarajapuram
                 6th Cross Street, Medavakkam,
                 Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600100


  1. SEOBee 

SEOBee is an experienced Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai. This makes us a good place among Top Digital Marketing Company in Chennai.

They launched with a clear vision. They are multi-skilled service providers and also multidimensional IT service providers. We also deliver high end strategic solutions.

They help to rank our clients in google SERP pages. Our SEO experts have a good hands on experience to compete with others. This also helps us to list our clients at top on Google.

We have a great list of success stories in SERP pages. Our team analyzes your website history and creates a report. This report helps to build a good Digital Marketing Strategy that helps to stay on top.

They offer an affordable package for Digital Marketing Services. This helps small scale and large scale businesses to grow. The whole thing helps us be a top digital marketing company in Chennai.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Maintenance

Contact Details

Contact: 9597694427


Address: Plot No.85, Anjugammal Street, T.P.Nagar
                Tharamani,Chennai, Tamilnadu


  1. RedMaple Digital 

Another Digital Marketing Company in the top list is RedMaple Digital. As a great Digital Marketing Strategy we put in place a method. As everyone is looking for information we promote brands and business in this form.

This gives brand growth having a good success rate. RedMaple company found in the 1990s. Which is in Tamil Nadu. Lately we started business in Chennai. Now being a top digital marketing company in Chennai.

They got a great team with talented content creators, designers and managers. They have good hands on experience with high-profile customers.

With well organized operations we deliver best results. This operation plan runs with changing strategies to get the best result.


  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Product / E- Commerce Photography

Contact Details

Contact: 7867935559


Address: 38-B , 1st floor , 1st sea ward road , Valmiki Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur,                               Chennai, India

  1. Crazy Hippo

Crazy Hippo is a web development and Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. In a short time we reached the top list as a good digital marketing company in Chennai.

Our clients are happy with the Best ROI. We take care of branding, advertising and marketing. 

They create the best brainstorming plans. Also some strategic plans that help to meet our client goals.


  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Digital marketing
  • Print design
  • Production

Contact Details

Contact: 9444 555 105


Address: 935 GKS Towers, 5th floor,
                Poonamallee High Road, Kilpauk,


  1. SEO India Rank

Another one Top Digital Marketing Company in Chennai is SEO India Rank. They are one of the reliable digital marketing companies in Chennai. 

They offer SEO services at a very affordable cost. This may be helpful for small scale companies to grow faster. They offer powerful marketing techniques for client websites.

They offer work transparency and high business productivity. This engages more customers for clients. 

They have experienced and dedicated team members for taking care of digital marketing. This offers each clients a best digital marketing service.


  • SEO Services
  • SEM Services
  • SMO Services
  • SMM Services
  • Branding
  • Email marketing
  • PPC services
  • Web design
  • Web development

Contact Details

Contact: 94999 28162


Address: Apartments, No:#8/84 Venkatarathinam Main Street, Venkatarathinam    Nagar, LB Road, Chennai-600020, Adyar, Tamil Nadu, India.


  1. Ninos IT Solution

Ninos IT Solution provides a wide range of IT solutions. This makes them being in the top list.

As a leading Digital Marketing Company in Chennai Ninos offer different services. It includes web design, App development and E-commerce websites.

They also provide services like hosting, graphic designing and much more. Their developers and designers result in the best solution as per market standard.

This helps the clients in digital marketing. In the promotion phase they play a vital role.


  • Web design and development
  • Mobile application development
  • Software testing
  • Digital marketing
  • Web hosting and maintenance
  • Software development

Contact Details

Contact: 99624 11492


Address: Ninos IT Solution Pvt.Ltd
                No 2,Krishnan colony, Nerkundram Pathai,
                Vadapalani, Chennai – 600026.


  1. KVN Promos

KVN Promos is a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai that lies in the top list. A group of enthusiasts set this up.

They are always winning their clients hearts. Their main goal is customer satisfaction. They analyze marketing trends. According to the trend they change the methodologies.

This helps them to overcome the competitor tricks to being at top. So they offer the best digital marketing solution for their clients


  • Web developments
  • Corporate film making
  • logo/brochure design
  • Optimized digital marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media optimization
  • Local SEO

Contact Details

Contact: 7299020432


Address: #3, NSK Street, Saligramam, Chennai, india


  1. Dextra Technologies

Dextra Technologies is a Web Development Company in Chennai. With their quality services they became a Top Digital Marketing Company in Chennai.

They provide Web Development and App Development Services according to the business. As they say they add wings to clients’ websites to go on top.

Related to the marketing trends they analyze and plan for the best digital prospect. This leads to digital marketing success.

As a top digital marketing company in Chennai they offer every advertising service.


  • WordPress development
  • PHP web development
  • HTML website development
  • Software application development
  • Enterprise software development
  • Mobile app development
  • Digital marketing
  • Website maintenance and support
  • Software testing
  • HR consulting

Contact Details

Contact: 7397261418


Address: O.No. 115/5, N.No. 175/5,
                1st floor, Lake view road, West Mambalam,
                Chennai – 600033,
                Tamilnadu, India 


  1. Webdoux

Webdoux is a company founded for providing services to overcome challenges of businesses. They already solved many of the clients requirements with smarter digital solutions.

So they offer a whole range of technology solutions for clients’ business. This ranges from web design, e-commerce solutions and online marketing.

They are providing high end online marketing solutions. Through this they achieve a place in the top digital marketing company list. So webdoux is now a good digital marketing company in Chennai.


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Digital marketing
  • Web solutions

Contact Details

Phone: 8148 800 718


Address: #124, Kamarajar Salai, Valasaravakkam,
                Chennai – 87. India


  1. Blackmount

Blackmount is an established Web Development Company. They deliver web development services and Digital Marketing Services

They do web development of any complexity to clients. Blackmount having a skilled expertise with their team. Each of them having decades of IT business experience.

Their clients list includes companies of all sizes, startups from enterprises. 

They aware the clients about the internet to generate their revenue stream. They establish all digital communication for the clients. This helps to streamline clients’ business operations so easily.


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Mobile application
  • Digital maerketing
  • Web hosting

Contact Details

Contact: 9840352803


Address: Virugambakkam, Chennai – 92


  1. Social beat

Social Beat is another leading Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai. They are offering end to end digital marketing services for the clients.

Social Beat offers high class digital marketing services for different levels of businesses. They offer services to small, medium and corporate enterprises. 

Social beat help you to build your brand online. With various digital marketing services. Services that include digital media planning, video marketing and many other services.

These services involve brand promotions for the businesses. They deliver more revenue with the lowest cost of input.

If you are running a business in Chennai you can approach this digital marketing company in Chennai. A better ROI shows the better digital marketing strategy. Social beat can deliver you the best solution.


  • Digital media planning & buying
  • Social media marketing
  • Video creation & making
  • Multilingual marketing
  • Content & SEO strategy
  • Influencer marketing
  • Digital marketing training
  • Programmatic solutions
  • Analytics & insights
  • Technology & website
  • Branding & identity

Contact Details

Contact: 82681 57925

Address: 3rd floor, Samson Towers, 403,
                Pantheon Road, Sulaiman Zackria Avenue,
                Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008


  1. Techshu

Techshu is a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. It is also located in the UK and USA.

They are providing all types of Digital Marketing Services like SEO and PPC. Techsu provides all the digital marketing services to the clients. They have a good hand on experience with various fields in digital marketing.

They are also familiar with various types of industries to put in place digital strategies to gain results. Techsu provides all advertising and digital marketing possibilities. That helps their clients to grow on top in the industry.


  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social media marketing
  • App store optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Product marketing
  • Event promotion
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Digital marketing consultation

Contact Details

Contact: 8017111535


Address: 1st Floor, Sahaas Embassy,
                145, Nelson Manikam Road,
                Chennai – 600 029
                Tamil Nadu, India


  1. Smartladders

Smart ladders is a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. They provide all Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Services.

They so far completed more than 100 digital projects on various domains. This large hands on experience make them stand out in the industry.

They provide all advertising and digital marketing services at a reasonable cost. This helps various types of clients to approach them without hesitation.

The strategic experts and good hand of experience make them provide the best solution for the clients. Digital marketing solutions give the clients the brand maintenance. Also they offer lead generation through online.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay per click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Creative works
  • Custom app development
  • Marketing automation
  • Contact: 9042051001

Contact Details


Address: No 9A/2 Ajay Illam,
                Gujji Main Street, VOC Nagar,
                Anna Nagar East
                Chennai – 600102

  1. Ting

Ting is a good Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. Their services give clients high relevance in competitive industries.

This gives a name for the company being in top digital marketing companies list.

Ting has a team of digital strategists, creative writers and graphic designers. They achieve clients ideas with their innovative ways

So the digital strategies drive more traffic to the customer websites. This also makes brand presence. The content marketing strategy does the next thing for digital marketing service for the business.

This makes clients’ customers love their business. Another service ting offers to the client is creative graphic design works. Creative graphic design helps the clients exposure in all social media.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Web & Mobile Solutions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Amazon & Google Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Video Solutions
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing

Contact Details

Contact: 98404 88224

Address: New No.40, Old No.32,
                Karpagambal Nagar,
                Chennai – 600 004


  1. Infinix 

Infinix is rated as a top Digital Marketing Company by Business Review Today magazine. Infinix always cares for better ROI for the clients.

A better ROI makes the clients happy. Being a top digital marketing company in Chennai Infinix does the job.

They make better revenue and better ROI with executing digital marketing strategies. This helps the businesses to grow better in a short time. It will also help the businesses to gain more leads.


  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Website development
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Content development
  • Email marketing

Contact Details

Contact: 9094788337


Address: 37F, Velachery Main Rd, Near To Adyar Anandha Bhavan, Velachery,        Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600042


  1. Weboin 

Weboin is another Best Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. They are dominant in the field of digital marketing. 

They assure optimizing the client website in search engines. Also build an online presence on the global platform.

Digital Marketing Services give businesses more exposure online. That is how business can build an online presence. This online presence makes brand exposure on global platforms.

Apart from digital marketing services they also provide web development and app development services. So if you are a new venture, you can approach weboin digital marketing company in Chennai.

This helps you to get your business online. You can build a good online brand presence. It leads to brand awareness and can generate more business leads.


  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Android Development
  • Android App Promotions
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Strategic Branding

Contact Details

Contact: 9551857627


Address: 88, Guruvappa St,
                Tamil Nadu 600002



So you have seen an overview of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai. Now you have an idea which company suits your business. If you are running a business in Chennai this guide will definitely help you out.

Your business needs Digital Marketing Services for sure these days. So it is important to choose the right digital marketing company. As your business is focused in Chennai, you need the help of a good digital marketing company in Chennai.

A complete digital marketing company in Chennai can offer you the best digital marketing solution. So this guide will help you to understand the top 20 digital marketing companies in Chennai.

From this list you can find out the best digital marketing company in Chennai for your business. They will serve you with a complete digital marketing solution.

This will help you to improve your business revenue and help you to get better ROI. I hope I have mentioned the best digital marketing companies in Chennai for you. Now it is your choice to find out the best digital marketing company in Chennai for your business.

January 19th, 2021 12:40 pm

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In Chennai 2021

digital marketing companies in chennai

If you are looking for the top digital marketing companies in Chennai or the best digital marketing companies in Chennai, then read this blog until the end. I have examined nearly 50 digital marketing companies’ websites. Out of that, I have shortlisted the Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai.

As the trend of Going Digital increases, the demand for Digital Marketing is also increasing. In recent years everyone wants to take their business online and make it available for all. To take your business online, we require the help of the Best Digital Marketing Company.

digital marketing companies in chennai

Now it has become necessary for every business owner to have their business website. But they do not know how to start and to whom to approach for this as they are not aware of these things. So, I have made a list of Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai. These companies provide Web Designing as well as Digital Marketing Services at the best cost.

1. Searchie Digital

Searchie Digital is the Top Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai that provides all the Digital Marketing Services. The Company has a young and experienced team specialized in each field of Digital Marketing.

Searchie Digital focuses on the brand building of the website. Their motto is to be first for a longer period. The thought of the company is When We can succeed Online then Why not Every business. They are experts in making creative websites, E-commerce websites, User-friendly Websites.

They also create an E-commerce website with fast loading speed. Their aim is only to provide premium services to their clients. Searchie Digital is the Best Growing Company in the Digital Marketing Field.

Services Offered

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • E-commerce Services
  • Corporate Web Design
  • Local SEO
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Web Designing
  • Web Development
  • POS Software

Contact Details

Phone No. : +91 9884103334
Address: 5, Damodaran street,
2nd Floor, Near Sindhi Model School,
Kilpauk, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600010


2. Rankraze

Rankraze has established itself as leading internet marketing agencies in Chennai. It helps its customers in brand building and trailblazing ideas to plug their goods digitally. It has a young team of internet marketing experts. 

They are hooked into digital marketing and dealing with achieving excellence within the industry by providing 360-degree online marketing solutions to their esteemed clients. 

The company aims to give recognition to small and medium business owners on Digital platforms through their Digital Marketing Services. 

Rankraze helps businesses to produce data-driven results on SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), SMM, content marketing, Online Reputation Management. They also conduct training programs and workshops for their trainees.

Services Offered

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Writing
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Design

Contact Details

Phone No. : +91 97100 79798
Address: #249, 1st Floor, 2nd St, TNHB Colony,
                 Periyar Nagar West, Korattur,
                 Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600080

3. Social Beat

Social Beat is one of the leading digital marketing companies in Chennai. They make the business to create their brands and achieve business goals through the digital medium. They have their offices branches in Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai. 

The company focuses on Return on Investment (ROI) in their Digital Marketing Strategies. They have their clients from different sectors such as Health care, Real Estate, Education, FMCG, and B2B. The company is also an expert in multi-language branding. This helps your brand to reach all the category of people. 

Social Beat has a large team of digital experts that gives integrated digital marketing solutions. They provide services like UX, web development, program optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, video production, digital advertising.

Services Offered

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Video Creation
  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Programmatic Solution

Contact Details

Phone No. : +91-97898 31882
Address: 3rd floor, Samson Towers, 403,
                Pantheon Road, Sulaiman Zackria Avenue,
                Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008

4. echoVME

echoVME is one of the top award-winning Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. They are specialized in integrated marketing. echoVME has also won an award for the Best Social Media Agency in India.

The Company is headed by Sourav Jain, who has an experience of over ten years in Digital Field. He has been recognized by the Global Youth Marketing forum as one of the top digital marketers.

The Company was started in 2011 and in 2013 it was recognized as the Best Social Media Marketing Agency by CMO Asia. They have a portfolio of over 200+ Brands, 100+ Workshops and trained about 2000+ professionals.

They follow the systematic approach in their work of Digital Marketing. 360-degree Digital Marketing, SEO Corporate Blogging, Online Marketing Services, Responsive Web Design, Social Media Marketing are some of the services provided by them.

Services Offered

  • Online Marketing
  • SEO Corporate Blogging
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Infographic Service
  • Branding & Advertisement

Contact Details

Phone No. : +91-9176402555
Address: 1A, Sapna Trade Centre,
                135, Poonamallee High Road,
                Pursaiwalkam,, Chennai 600084

5. iStudio technologies

iStudio Technologies is the Leading Web Designing and Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. They provide quality service and support to their customers. The company is expertise in Web design & Development, App Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization.

The company has more than ten years of experience in the Digital Marketing field. They have over 900+ completed projects. Along with all the Digital Marketing Services, they also provide services like E-commerce, Mobile App Development, Software Testing, Web Designing.

The company follows the step by step process when they undertake any clients website. The major goal of the company is to provide a unique and different website to their clients.

Services Offered

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • E-Book Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development

Contact Details

Phone No. : +91-8807003902
Address: No:41, Senthamil Nagar Annexe,
                 Arunachalam 2nd Cross Street,
                 Ramapuram, Chennai-600 089.

6. InfiniX

InfiniX believes in supplying you with better ROI and quickly leads to an economical way. They work hard to offer collective online marketing strategies to fulfill their customer’s expectations. Their Strategies helped them to become the simplest digital marketing company in Chennai.

InfiniX provides professional services on Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and many other Digital Marketing Services. InfiniX is a Google Partner company provides digital marketing services to popular brands and startups.

The specialties of the company are Brand Development, Higher ROI from your campaigns, Improve conversion rate and Improve your outreach on Digital platform.

InfiniX has over 9+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing Service. They have helped over 500+ clients to go online and expand their business. With the portfolio of over 1500+ completed projects, they are one of the top Digital Marketing Company in Chennai.

Services Offere

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Development
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Web Development

Contact Details

Phone No. : +91 9094788337
Address: 7F, Velachery Main Rd,
                 Near To Adyar Anandha Bhavan,
                 Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600042.

7. Blackmount

Blackmount is a Web Development & Digital Marketing Company in Chennai offering its services worldwide. They have a strong, skilled team of web development and IT experts with an experience of more than a decade.

Blackmount has delivered its service to all sectors like startup, small, medium and large business enterprises. They deliver high quality, customer-friendly, and cost-effective websites.

They use their experience to make their customer happy and fulfill their requirement. The company has over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing.

Blackmount Follow 3Q approach:  

  • Quality Personnel
  • Quality Process
  • Quality Communication

With their services, they provide maximum value to their clients. Blackmount also offers various services like Web Development, Mobile Application, Web Hosting.

Services Offered

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Mobile App
  • Web Design

Contact Details

Phone No. : +91-44 2364 232
Address: No.5, 2nd Street, Lambert Nagar,
                Virugambakkam, Chennai – 600 092

     8. SAIJITH

Saijith is one among Top Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai from the year 2008. They are experts in SEO services. Saijith is a Digital Marketing Agency that provides its Digital Services all around in India.

The company provides a 360-degree edge over Digital Marketing techniques to develop the business. They provide SEO services, Internet Services, Web design services with all the new trends of the market.

They are providing Digital Marketing Services all over India and to the rest of the world with their quality & timely service and cost-effective website. With 10+ years of experience, they have served over 300 clients.

Services Offered

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Content Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Video Advertising
  • E-commerce Website Design

Contact Details

Phone No. : +91 7305741344
Address: Lotus Jancy apartments,
                 No. 23/12 East Karikalan 2nd street,
                 Adambakkam, Chennai – 600 088.

9. Hourglass IT

Hourglass IT has a client base all over India and Overseas also for Digital Marketing Services. They have their Digital Marketing Company in Chennai at Madipakkam. They use the latest technologies and tools for building a brand for their client’s business. 

It has a team of experts that provide them the complete competitor analysis and reports. Their top-notch over data analysis provide them success in SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Services. They also offer the services of Mobile Applications.

They have a partnership with UK based company EKAVAT. Their partnership with this IT service company helps them to provide their services worldwide. They have a team with experience in senior management, finance, IT and academics with experience in automotive, hospitality, transportation industry, airlines and construction.

Their mission is to enhance the efficiency of companies by using the latest technologies available in the market. Their vision is to provide quality services using technologies and quality of living for individuals and society.

Services Offered

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Print Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile Application
  • IT Support Service
  • Web Hosting
  • E-commerce

Contact Details

Phone No. : +91 9003159935
Address: 1466, 3rd Main Road,
                 Ram Nagar North,
                 Madipakkam, Chennai – 600 091

10. Uniqwebtech

Uniqwebtech is a well known Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. They are specialized in online and interactive customer engagement and traditional web design and development.

Uniqwebtech is there in Digital Marketing since 2010 and provides the services of Digital Marketing. They have helped them over 200 clients to establish their business online and achieve their goals.

They have given a platform to small businesses to grow online to make their business grow faster. They have the experienced and professional team of Digital Marketer. Their aim to satisfy the needs of the customers with their top services of Digital Marketing.

Services Offered

  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Remarketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Marketing
  • Branding & Advertisement

Contact Details

Phone No. : +91 91717 69969
Address: 4/786, MAM Towers 1st Floor,
                 Meganathan Street,
                 Chennai- TamilNadu,
                 India- 600100

Apart from these companies, many other companies provide Digital Marketing Services in Chennai. But these are my Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai.

In this list, some companies are emerging companies, and some are well-reputed companies in the Digital Marketing Service. It all depends on you whom to choose, but I hope I have helped you something with this sort list of Top Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai.

January 19th, 2021 12:47 pm

About Digital Marketing

A Digital Marketing Blog for you to understand the concept of Online Digital Marketing and the difference between traditional and Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

A Digital Marketing Blog for you to understand the concept of [easyazon_link identifier=”8126564407″ locale=”IN” nw=”y” tag=”grendel04-21″]Online Digital Marketing[/easyazon_link] and the difference between traditional and Digital Marketing.

Digital Markiting

Digital Marketing means to promote your products & services on the internet. We also call Digital Marketing as Internet Marketing / Web Marketing / Online Marketing / E-Marketing / Electronic Marketing.

It is promoting your products & services online. In coming articles, I will explain how you can promote your product through internet marketing.

Example For a Marketing  Requirement

Imagine you are the owner of a shirt shop in Chennai, India. Your shirt sale is average so you want to expand your business. So you make a blog/website (Later, I’ll teach how to create a blog/website). After creating a website you will promote your website through electronic marketing. Your website will rank on Google after a few months depending on the competition.

Let’s say a customer wants to buy a shirt online. He will search “Buy Shirt Online” on Google and your website will display on the first page. But remember one thing people don’t waste too much time on searching. They will open the top 3 websites that display on the first page. So you have to rank your website on the first page on the top three results. There is another example for you to understand.

Another Example For a Marketing  Requirement 

You don’t have a lot of money to start a business and buy a shop. So, you will buy a variety of products from the market at cheap rates. Products like belts, wallets, watches, goggles, shirts and so on. Now you will sell these products to E-commerce dealers like Amazon, Flipkart and so on. These e-commerce dealers will sell your products to customers. But you earn less of profit because e-commerce dealers also take a percentage of profit on your sales. E-commerce dealers pay a large amount of money for Digital Marketing. If you search for any product on Google, you see e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal displaying first.

Nowadays, many people including company employees, businessmen, and freelancers do Online Marketing. Digital Marketing is booming in Chennai. Many businesses are looking for Digital Marketing in Chennai. Recent graduates can take up a course in Digital Marketing in Chennai. Even employees who are into Marketing can upgrade themselves to Digital Marketing. You can look up Digital Marketing in Chennai, do a little research and join a course.

Digital Marketing Services in Chennai

Search Engine

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, online marketing in Chennai is blooming. Many companies are providing Digital Marketing Services in Chennai because the demand is high. Internet Marketing in Chennai is the same as the Digital Marketing service is other places.

Most online marketing companies in Chennai have all Digital Marketing Services. Services like SEO, SEM, SMO, SME, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and many more. While there are other Internet Marketing in Chennai specialized in a particular area. If they are specialized in Social Media, they will call themselves SMO companies.


Many companies are only into SEO and not any other services. Such companies will provide affordable SEO services in Chennai. They call themselves SEO agencies.

Some companies provide both internet marketing services and Digital Marketing training as well.

It is important to choose the right Online Marketing Company in Chennai that suit your business. You need to research and find the best suited Digital Marketing Services in Chennai for your company.

Now that we have seen about Online Marketing in Chennai, let’s see about different aspects of Digital Marketing.

Types of Online Digital Marketing

There are 4 types of online digital marketing.

Search EngineSEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is the process that increases the visibility of your product & services in search engines.

There are two types of SEO: Paid and Organic SEO.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is the paid form of SEO. Through SEM, we can run our advertisement in search engines. This will help for getting good ROI (Return on Investment).

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Social Media Optimization increases the visibility of your product & services in social media. SMO is organic (non-paid).

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media Marketing is a technique through which we can run our advertisement in social media for ROI (Return on Investment).

In the coming articles, I will explain these four types of digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Maybe you have heard about traditional marketing. In today’s scenario, this type of marketing is not effective. Traditional Marketing means advertisements on Television, radio, newspapers, banners. This is costly as compared to Internet Marketing. Through this marketing, only a few people will see the advertisement.

Search engine

But if you post something on Facebook, Twitter or other social media, one post will reach billions of people at the same time.

If you print your cake shop advertisement in the newspaper, only a few people will read. Also, you can’t measure how many people read this advertisement. Now we understand how web marketing is better than traditional marketing.

Difference between Online Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Low Cost

Digital Marketing cost is low as compared to Traditional Marketing. Traditional Marketing like Television, Radio, and Newspaper charge a huge money for publishing an advertisement for one day.


But Online Digital Marketing costs less amount of money for publishing an advertisement.

High Speed

Digital Marketing speed is much faster than Traditional Marketing. It lets you have 2000 friends on your Facebook page. You write on your Facebook wall that you are selling ‘online jackets’. Within 1 minute your post will reach to 2000 friends and few friends share this post also. It’s free of cost. If you opt for traditional marketing, your ad will reach only about 2000 people within 5-6 hours. And it will cost about Rs. 40,000.

24*7 Advertising Availability

Through online digital marketing, your advertisement will display 24*7. But in traditional marketing, your advertisement publishes only for one day. You can access online digital marketing ads at any time and from anywhere.


Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing both are effective for target customers.

Traditional Marketing Example – You want to sell Senior Citizens saving schemes. Then you opt for traditional marketing. Most senior citizens do not use the internet.

Online Digital Marketing Example – You want to sell a Selfie stick. Then you opt for digital marketing because youngsters used the internet.


It is difficult to keep track of your traditional marketing strategy. You can’t measure how many people check your advertisement in the newspaper.


But, digital marketing is easy to track. Through Google Analytics you can check how many people check your website and how many are interested in this.

Search Engine

In simple terms, Search Engine is a place on the internet where you can search for information. This information is available on different websites. Search engines provide these websites links. Every search engine has many Servers. Server means where search engine data stored. It’s like a database. Google’s database also is known as Index. Google Database size around 100 Million GB.


In India, above 90-95% of the audience uses Google search engine. And 7-8% audience uses other search engines like Bing, Yahoo.


Every search engine has its rules/factors of Digital Marketing. If you target any country then you have to follow Google rules otherwise, they will penalize. Once they penalize, your website will not rank on Google.

Search Engine Crawler

It is also known as Crawler/ Robot/ Bot. Every search engine has its Crawler with a unique name. Crawler used for crawling, indexing and retrieving information which is provided on the internet.


You write content on your website. Crawler makes your website index on the database. It retrieves your content from the database when anyone searches on the search engine.

The crawler will read every word of your website and make one duplicate copy on the database. Let’s say there are two links available on your website first page. The crawler will get these two links and read page content of those two links. It will then make a duplicate copy on the database. Simply put, It works like a spider.

So, we have to link our website pages with one another. We should link second-page to the first page. Then, the third-page link provides to the second-page and vice versa. Crawler always searches unique content on websites. If you provide unique content on your website, your website will rank. Unique content means content which is not available on other websites.

NOTE: Some people think of creating adult websites (like 18+ websites or porn websites). Please drop this idea because Marketing is not applied to these types of websites. Google (search engine) does not support these types of content. When crawler read adult content it will not support it. But, it will save your website content on the database.

Every search engine has a unique name Crawler. Like,

Search Engine NameCrawler/Robot Name
GoogleSpider / Google Bot
YahooYahoo Bot

This is my first article in ‘Best Digital Marketing’ website. Hope you like this article. Please write down comments and suggestions.

January 20th, 2021 05:18 am

10 Usability Mistakes That Will Kill Your Online Sales



You already know that usability on your website greatly influences your rank, but what are you doing to ensure your website is user-friendly? You assume your website is operating just fine, but you designed it, it is yours and you know how it works.

What about those who know nothing about your website?

It’s important you take an objective look at your website before signing it off as “good.” Also, it’s important to make sure you’re not committing one of the many mistakes. That can kill your usability rating.

These are the common mistakes that everyone does:

Your Website is Too Complex


Do users have to go through four or five menu options just to reach their destination? A website should be simple. Navigation should be on the left or top of the page — where it is easily recognized. Links should be easy to identify and the page structure should be logical. If users have to struggle to navigate your site, it’s unlikely they’ll stay long enough to purchase let alone return in the future.


Your Site Isn’t Useful

Your website should allow users to achieve the results they want to achieve in as little time as possible. Therefore, your web page should be built around what your users’ need — not what you think they need. Do some real research and see what users are looking for in a website like yours before you officially launch your own.


Poor Spelling and Grammar

Nothing stands out more than a spelling error on a webpage. Make sure your site is free of spelling errors and grammatical errors. Errors that are easily recognized can make users doubt your capabilities and lower their trust level. Use tools like Grammarly, Hemingway to write clear and concise without grammatical errors.


Don’t Offer Too Many Options

Users shouldn’t have to pick through multiple options just to get where they need to get. Your site needs to remove the distractions that can keep users from actually buying, signing up, etc.

Slow Page Speed affects Website Traffic

If your page loading speed is so slow, it will be definitely effected in your website traffic. Why should a user wait for too long for your website? They have a number of other websites that are providing the similar services as you offer. 


A simple thing that the chances of users get back from your site and navigate to others. So, the page speed is very important in the case of website traffic. 

If you really care about improving your website traffic, it is necessary to work on your web page speed

Too many ads

Too many ads on your website will automatically kill your website traffic. Your visitors or your audience feel very uncomfortable if too many ads shown on your website if they are seeking your service from your website.

Page fold information at the below of your web page

When visitors visit your page, it can make them less than a moment to analyze whether your site is well worth their time or not. Page folding is the only thing that is most crucial for your web site and must be taken into account before the rest when you are designing your website.

When you have a limited time to make an impression on your visitors, you need to make sure you impress them in time, this is where Page fold comes into the picture. When all the necessary info on your page is beneath the page folds then users leave your web site in seconds. The best thing you may do is to maintain all the pertinent info, call to action buttons and messages over the page fold.

Only a few of the visitors go to the bottom of the site. If you would like to make sure a fantastic amount of traffic is there on your webpage, you have to follow this measure.

Interfering Pop-Ups

Visitors don’t like pop-ups, the first reaction to pop-up ads would be to want to close them. Pop-ups can be very annoying when it gets in the way of users. Pop-ups are extremely bad for the user experience and may increase the bounce speed. They aren’t even indexed by search engines.

While pop-ups can be an excellent tool for increasing your e-mail signups, Prevent too many distractions on your site, don’t let the pop-ups get in the way. Your pop-ups are going to be better value if you do them very important and it matters to your user. 

You might even use a banner instead.

Large Media files

Even though beautiful graphics are remarkable and attention-grabbing, the big media file size may affect your search engine optimization efforts. Huge media documents make a page slower in loading. This may not cover well for the search engine optimization performance of your or your user experience.

Optimize your page speed by compressing media files. Make sure you use the tool. Which compresses to a file size without harming its own quality.

Improper or poor 404 pages

It is what comes up whenever you try to reach a page on an internet site that can’t be found on the website’s server. Custom error pages are extremely nice and are a chance to play with imagination.

Website 404 errorSimilar to this one here it’s necessary your error page has a link that contributes to the homepage. If not, search engines will report this as a broken internal connection, reducing your website’s search ranking.

January 20th, 2021 05:21 am

How to rank website on google

The recent changes with Google’s algorithms have already hit a lot of websites when it comes to rank website on google, is your website next? It’s not just a penalty you have to worry about anymore, you will be dropped off the search result.


Your competitors will gladly take your spot. Google isn’t going to tolerate poor-quality websites anymore, which means if you aren’t playing by the rules, you could lose your rank website on google entirely.


Ways to rank website on google

It’s very difficult to rank website on google but once you are ranked on the top page of google then you will enjoy the long term benefit. Some people follow the White Hat method to rank website on google whereas some follow the Black Hat method to rank their website.

rank website on google

The White Hat method takes a long time to show its result whereas the Black Hat method provides you the instant result but this method will lead to a demerit point. Its always better to follow the white hat method as this is the only method to rank website on google for a longer period. Google also recommends following only the white hat method.


Not every website is at risk of losing its rank on google. If you have a well-devised SEO strategy, you could stay safe, while others drop off the search result.

Some of the best ways to bulletproof your rank website on google include:


1. Performing link quality control


Don’t link just to link – think before you link. Always link to quality and relevant content. As I said earlier google focuses only on the quality content. The best-optimized website will be ranked on top of the google search result page.

The best content will be getting the quality backlinks from the top website. This will help to rank website on google easily.


2. Have a superior web design 


If your site isn’t user-friendly, you’re at risk for losing your rank website on google. You should design a user-friendly website. You should properly link your website pages. As said, The first impression is the last. 


When the first time visitor comes to your website he gets attracted to your website design. If website design is attractive then his chances of spending time on the website are high. This will help to rank website on google’s first page.


3. Modernized SEO 


If you’re using the old school methods for SEO, you need to start working on a backup plan. The old school way of stuffing with keywords is over and your rank will be too if you don’t rectify it on time. You have to be aware of SEO latest updates and optimize website content accordingly.


Google ranks only those websites which are regularly updated. Always try to provide updated content to your user with some stats. Almost 95% of the audience likes to get accurate information. If you answer all the question which your audience has, then the rank of website will also improve.


4. Zero Publication Errors 


After optimizing the website check all the functionality of the website. Check whether all your pages are linked properly. Your site shouldn’t be riddled with missing pages, broken links, spelling or grammatical errors. Any broken page will affect website ranking. 


5. Quality Content 


If you spun what someone else wrote, it’s time to go back and rewrite everything. Alter the content and make it your own, and make sure it is unique. Any duplicate content will not be get ranked and this will also lead to no ranking of that particular website in the future. 

rank website on google

The same content on different websites will confuse google robots and lead to duplicate content. Its always better to provide the canonical tags to your content. This will instruct the google bots that is content is unique and doesn’t have any other similar pages.


6. Focus on Quality Linking 


After writing the content we link our content with other websites. If we link the content just for the sake of an outbound link that it will not improve your content quality. Link up with quality blogs and websites that add value to your readers and your content.


So whenever you give outbound links give it to the relevant website for that content so that users get more content from that website. This will help both the websites on google ranking.


7. Use Citations 


Use citation means to provide the information with accuracy. If you state a fact, state where you got that fact. Citations, especially to reputable and authoritative sites, are important. Mentioning facts in the blog makes the reader feel like it’s a real 


8. Social Media


Use social media to promote your work. Today’s generation spends a lot of time on social media. This will help to reach your content to a large audience. Join more groups and pages relevant to your website content and promote your ideas there also.


The best content spreads on social media within no time. This will create brand awareness for your website and increase traffic on the website.


9. Optimize content for Voice Search


Nowadays everything is becoming digitalized. Organic search results are replaced voice search. Everyone asks on google instead of typing. The one whose content is well optimized will be told by google over the voice search and other content will leftover. 


Its always better to adapt to the new changes. The fast we adapt the better we can rank a website on google. Voice search has completely taken over the organic search result. In the coming year, its trend will also increase so we have to prepare our content related to this to rank on google.


 As long as you have a quality strategy, you will not be fine. But if you aren’t doing all of these things listed above, it’s time to change your methods before it’s too late. And if you have any queries regarding this always feel free to contact us. We will help you to optimize your content.


January 20th, 2021 05:24 am

Bad Grammar and Spelling in Comments – Will It Affect Your Rank?

Bad grammar and spelling are crucial on webpages and website owners know that. Because Google is all about quality, you will spend countless hours proofing your work and making sure it reads right and is grammatically correct. But, what about in your comments section? When users contribute comments to your blogs and their comments are poorly written or not grammatically correct, can it hurt your rank?


What Google Says

According to Google’s Matt Cutts, you don’t have to worry about the quality of comments you receive. Comments that are poorly written or grammatically incorrect won’t hurt your rank. However, the grammar and quality of your web pages still need to be good.

Nonsense comments, according to Cutts, are just a way of the Internet and websites cannot escape them. There are comments out there that can be random and not relevant, but they’re comments all the same. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about Google penalizing you for these types of comments.

Spam Comments and Nonsense Comments Aren’t the Same Things

Spam comments are not the same thing as nonsense comments and these could hurt your SEO rank. If you have spam comments on your blog or website, make sure you remove them immediately. Why remove them?

Because spam comments bring down the entire experience on your website. When users see nothing but spam, they’re bombarded and not able to enjoy the comment section as much as they would without it.

So, bottom line, ensure your website has high quality, relevant content. Don’t worry so much about the comments people leave for you, especially those that aren’t grammatically correct. Always keep an eye out for the spam and remove them and your rank should do just fine.


January 20th, 2021 05:27 am