What is The Best Way to Achieve Seo Ranking? 2020

To reach the top Search Engine ranking, it is important to know how to do SEO the right way from SEO experts. The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often very controversial, widely disputed, and most misunderstood.

There are a lot of so-called “Search Engine Optimization India experts” in the industry, but know only a few know what they are doing. If you want to reach in the top SEO ranking, your SEO experts must give you the right steps to achieve it.

You need to understand that search engine optimization is a step by step process that takes time. There is no quick solution for achieving top SEO rank. But there are some SEO techniques, if you follow correctly, your content will rank on the first page of the search engine soon.

Finding the right Search Engine Optimization Expert

What are these proper Search Engine Optimization techniques and how do you know which SEO “experts” to trust? To find that out, look into forums like Better Networkers, Warrior Forum, and search these “gurus”.

You’ll understand if these so-called leaders are good as they say they are. Do a little research on their profile and study them. The legit Search Engine Optimization guides would have some certificates and articles about them.

Sites like Better Networker and Warriors Forum give you a lot of information on these leaders.

If you see the title “teacher” in their profiles on Better Networker, make sure they are reputable. In Warrior Forum, search these gurus and see the number of contributions they have done and the times they have received “Thank you.”

Look into the Special Offers of Warrior Forum and see if the Freelance Search Engine experts are active. Find out if they are posting worthy deals to Warrior Forum members. Make sure to read the reviews of these freelancers.

Domain Extension for Search Engine Optimization Ranking

Another way to find if someone is good enough is to do a Google search on them. You can find how many articles and reviews are written about them.

When you type the name of the company or the manager in Google, check out the top 10 sites that pop up. If you see sites with a proper domain name with extension, great. Domain extensions like .net and .org are most likely to be a legitimate company.

As the organization members will be running these websites. Note * Hint-If you check a company that has a lot of reviews and looked real then to see if it is .net .org domain extension.

This gives a tremendous opportunity to Top on SEO Rankings. Start a website add it to the original domain with these extensions. You will have a good chance of achieving top SEO rankings..

Achieving top SEO Ranking

So now you know how to find if a Search Engine company or “expert” is real, what are the steps to achieve top Search Engine rankings? I’m about to share with you some steps to achieve rankings in search engines.

Proper utilization of keywords

  • Buy a domain name in your keyword.
  • Own a self-hosted blog, preferably on a WordPress platform.
  • Use your keyword in the site title, description, and keywords using the Yoast Search Engine Optimization plugin in WordPress.
  • Do proper keyword research for each part of the content that you submit in your blog.

Here are the keys to look for when researching for the right keyword on your competitors:

  • Domain Age
  • Page Rank
  • Google’s indexing
  • Number of backlinks page
  • No. of Backlinks Domain
  • Number & of.edu. gov backlinks
  • DMOZ directory listing
  • Yahoo Directory Listing
  • Use your competitors’ keywords in your title, URL, description, and header

(Is your heading spinning yet? Do not Worry, I recommend using a tool called Market Samurai, one of the best keyword tool on the Internet. This keyword analysis tool makes it easy to do keyword research.

It saves you from countless hours of having to do painful keyword research on your own. If you are looking for top Search Engine rankings, then this keyword tool is essential.)

Make sure that each blog entry has

  • H1, H2, and H3 header tags
  • ALT tags for all images
  • rel = “nofollow” on external links
  • Link to at least one other page on your site within the individual items
  • Keyword density of between 1-5%
  • Your keyword in the first and last sentence of your article
  • Decorate your keywords with different font sizes Decorations

Top Search Engine Optimization rankings take time and hard work. It is not an easy process and let no one deceive you to think that it is easy. However, if you have the right partner to teach the right way from the start, the process simple. And achieving top Search Engine rankings will look realistic.

The best advice I could give you is to be patient. Set realistic expectations and give Search Engine Optimization the time it deserves. And you will achieve top SEO rankings.

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January 20th, 2021 08:20 am