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A Digital Marketing Blog for you to understand the concept of Online Digital Marketing and the difference between traditional and Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

A Digital Marketing Blog for you to understand the concept of [easyazon_link identifier=”8126564407″ locale=”IN” nw=”y” tag=”grendel04-21″]Online Digital Marketing[/easyazon_link] and the difference between traditional and Digital Marketing.

Digital Markiting

Digital Marketing means to promote your products & services on the internet. We also call Digital Marketing as Internet Marketing / Web Marketing / Online Marketing / E-Marketing / Electronic Marketing.

It is promoting your products & services online. In coming articles, I will explain how you can promote your product through internet marketing.

Example For a Marketing  Requirement

Imagine you are the owner of a shirt shop in Chennai, India. Your shirt sale is average so you want to expand your business. So you make a blog/website (Later, I’ll teach how to create a blog/website). After creating a website you will promote your website through electronic marketing. Your website will rank on Google after a few months depending on the competition.

Let’s say a customer wants to buy a shirt online. He will search “Buy Shirt Online” on Google and your website will display on the first page. But remember one thing people don’t waste too much time on searching. They will open the top 3 websites that display on the first page. So you have to rank your website on the first page on the top three results. There is another example for you to understand.

Another Example For a Marketing  Requirement 

You don’t have a lot of money to start a business and buy a shop. So, you will buy a variety of products from the market at cheap rates. Products like belts, wallets, watches, goggles, shirts and so on. Now you will sell these products to E-commerce dealers like Amazon, Flipkart and so on. These e-commerce dealers will sell your products to customers. But you earn less of profit because e-commerce dealers also take a percentage of profit on your sales. E-commerce dealers pay a large amount of money for Digital Marketing. If you search for any product on Google, you see e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal displaying first.

Nowadays, many people including company employees, businessmen, and freelancers do Online Marketing. Digital Marketing is booming in Chennai. Many businesses are looking for Digital Marketing in Chennai. Recent graduates can take up a course in Digital Marketing in Chennai. Even employees who are into Marketing can upgrade themselves to Digital Marketing. You can look up Digital Marketing in Chennai, do a little research and join a course.

Digital Marketing Services in Chennai

Search Engine

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, online marketing in Chennai is blooming. Many companies are providing Digital Marketing Services in Chennai because the demand is high. Internet Marketing in Chennai is the same as the Digital Marketing service is other places.

Most online marketing companies in Chennai have all Digital Marketing Services. Services like SEO, SEM, SMO, SME, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and many more. While there are other Internet Marketing in Chennai specialized in a particular area. If they are specialized in Social Media, they will call themselves SMO companies.


Many companies are only into SEO and not any other services. Such companies will provide affordable SEO services in Chennai. They call themselves SEO agencies.

Some companies provide both internet marketing services and Digital Marketing training as well.

It is important to choose the right Online Marketing Company in Chennai that suit your business. You need to research and find the best suited Digital Marketing Services in Chennai for your company.

Now that we have seen about Online Marketing in Chennai, let’s see about different aspects of Digital Marketing.

Types of Online Digital Marketing

There are 4 types of online digital marketing.

Search EngineSEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is the process that increases the visibility of your product & services in search engines.

There are two types of SEO: Paid and Organic SEO.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is the paid form of SEO. Through SEM, we can run our advertisement in search engines. This will help for getting good ROI (Return on Investment).

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Social Media Optimization increases the visibility of your product & services in social media. SMO is organic (non-paid).

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media Marketing is a technique through which we can run our advertisement in social media for ROI (Return on Investment).

In the coming articles, I will explain these four types of digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Maybe you have heard about traditional marketing. In today’s scenario, this type of marketing is not effective. Traditional Marketing means advertisements on Television, radio, newspapers, banners. This is costly as compared to Internet Marketing. Through this marketing, only a few people will see the advertisement.

Search engine

But if you post something on Facebook, Twitter or other social media, one post will reach billions of people at the same time.

If you print your cake shop advertisement in the newspaper, only a few people will read. Also, you can’t measure how many people read this advertisement. Now we understand how web marketing is better than traditional marketing.

Difference between Online Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Low Cost

Digital Marketing cost is low as compared to Traditional Marketing. Traditional Marketing like Television, Radio, and Newspaper charge a huge money for publishing an advertisement for one day.


But Online Digital Marketing costs less amount of money for publishing an advertisement.

High Speed

Digital Marketing speed is much faster than Traditional Marketing. It lets you have 2000 friends on your Facebook page. You write on your Facebook wall that you are selling ‘online jackets’. Within 1 minute your post will reach to 2000 friends and few friends share this post also. It’s free of cost. If you opt for traditional marketing, your ad will reach only about 2000 people within 5-6 hours. And it will cost about Rs. 40,000.

24*7 Advertising Availability

Through online digital marketing, your advertisement will display 24*7. But in traditional marketing, your advertisement publishes only for one day. You can access online digital marketing ads at any time and from anywhere.


Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing both are effective for target customers.

Traditional Marketing Example – You want to sell Senior Citizens saving schemes. Then you opt for traditional marketing. Most senior citizens do not use the internet.

Online Digital Marketing Example – You want to sell a Selfie stick. Then you opt for digital marketing because youngsters used the internet.


It is difficult to keep track of your traditional marketing strategy. You can’t measure how many people check your advertisement in the newspaper.


But, digital marketing is easy to track. Through Google Analytics you can check how many people check your website and how many are interested in this.

Search Engine

In simple terms, Search Engine is a place on the internet where you can search for information. This information is available on different websites. Search engines provide these websites links. Every search engine has many Servers. Server means where search engine data stored. It’s like a database. Google’s database also is known as Index. Google Database size around 100 Million GB.


In India, above 90-95% of the audience uses Google search engine. And 7-8% audience uses other search engines like Bing, Yahoo.


Every search engine has its rules/factors of Digital Marketing. If you target any country then you have to follow Google rules otherwise, they will penalize. Once they penalize, your website will not rank on Google.

Search Engine Crawler

It is also known as Crawler/ Robot/ Bot. Every search engine has its Crawler with a unique name. Crawler used for crawling, indexing and retrieving information which is provided on the internet.


You write content on your website. Crawler makes your website index on the database. It retrieves your content from the database when anyone searches on the search engine.

The crawler will read every word of your website and make one duplicate copy on the database. Let’s say there are two links available on your website first page. The crawler will get these two links and read page content of those two links. It will then make a duplicate copy on the database. Simply put, It works like a spider.

So, we have to link our website pages with one another. We should link second-page to the first page. Then, the third-page link provides to the second-page and vice versa. Crawler always searches unique content on websites. If you provide unique content on your website, your website will rank. Unique content means content which is not available on other websites.

NOTE: Some people think of creating adult websites (like 18+ websites or porn websites). Please drop this idea because Marketing is not applied to these types of websites. Google (search engine) does not support these types of content. When crawler read adult content it will not support it. But, it will save your website content on the database.

Every search engine has a unique name Crawler. Like,

Search Engine NameCrawler/Robot Name
GoogleSpider / Google Bot
YahooYahoo Bot

This is my first article in ‘Best Digital Marketing’ website. Hope you like this article. Please write down comments and suggestions.

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