As a Youtuber what are all the best chrome extensions you require to make your work easy?

Are you a regular youtube user? Then I have some amazing youtube chrome extensions for you which will help to make your work easy. 

Best Chrome Extensions

The Google extensions are like short codes which you can add them in your chrome tool bar. After that that extension icon will appear on the right side of search page.

When you want to use them just click on the extensions icon and you can directly start using them. 

Here are the best chrome extensions that will make your work easy. Let’s have a look at look at them:


While watching the video it is very difficult to note down some important points because you may miss some points while writing or you have to pause the video and note down the points.

best chrome extensionsThis may lead to losing interest in either watching the video or writing the points

So here is an amazing tool called YiNotes. It is an amazing extension where you can take notes while watching the video.

The best feature about this extension is it adds the time when this point appears in the video so it will be easy for you the refer back the point when you require to listen to that point again

You don’t have to watch the full part again to see where that particular word has been mentioned in the video.

2.One Tab

When you are working on the internet and there are too many tabs open which you don’t require them at that time then you can store all those tabs under a single tab.

best chrome extensionsYou can use the extension OneTab extension which will merge all the tabs under a single tab. This will show all the recently played tabs so if you want to answer some comments with the link then you can easily do it with this extension.

3.Tube Buddy

TubeBuddy is the number 1 browser extension for the youtube content writer. This help you to compare thumbnail which helps you know which thumbnail is working for you to get the most clicks.

It helps to come up with video ideas, helps you know which tags you are using in your videos, helps you to manage your channel and a bunch of other things you use as a YouTuber.

TubeBuddy allows you to collaborate and engage with subscribers and fans as well as export the list of your subscribers and their profiles to a CSV file.


HYFY is an awesome tool because it allows you to record your screen and voice with your mouse cursor.

you can also record your camera where you are recording your screen. If you are doing any tutorial videos or recording any service videos as it records all the activities which you are doing.

This will help the viewer to understand easily as the listen and see the tutorial of that thing together. Viewer can see the video without even installing any of the software


Agorapulse is the best chrome extensions for social media management. As you can easily schedule and post your content on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin account.


best chrome extensionsThis extension provides you an option where you can use your thumbnail to post where people have to click on the thumbnail and come to your channel to see the video.

  • It also helps you to increase traffic to your youtube channel as every user have to come to your channel to watch the video.


  • It is a best chrome extension where you can save all your account login details and it will automatically login to your account using those details
  • first, you have to create an account in LastPass.
  • After creating the account you have to give all the account login details
  • using this tool you can share the password without saying the password as it will autofill the password

7. Fire shot

It’s not possible to take the screenshot of the lengthy web page.

So to take the screenshot of the entire web page use the Fire shot extension to take the screenshot. This the best chrome extensions to capture the screen.

There are many other options available like

Where you can capture the

  • Entire page
  • Visible page
  • Selected portion

8. Grammarly

  • Every one of us is not that good in writing, we make some grammar mistakes while writing and this affects our whole content and user experience.
  • To rectify the grammatical errors you can use the Grammarly extension where you can correct your grammatical errors.

9.Keywords Everywhere

It gives the insights of the keywords with their search volumes at that particular time. This helps us to know the trending keyword which we can use in our content and rank that. It also suggest the relevant keywords.

best chrome extensionsIt is very important to know our specific keyword because we can work on that particular keyword and can start writing or create a video on that particular keyword.

With the keyword everywhere extension, any time you enter a word or phrase in the YouTube search bar you can see the volume, CPC and competition details of each keyword.

10.Page Marker

Using these tools you can mark or highlight the particular text or phrase you want to show to your audience.

Using this you can easily make them understand what you want to explain with the colored arrow marks or using some navigation buttons

11.Emoji Keyboard

Everyone likes to use emoji nowadays to express their feelings or words. There are many emojis available which you can use in your content to attract the audience.

For this, you can use the Emoji keyboard chrome extension. Just add this extension in your google chrome and can use the emoji.

These are some best chrome extensions that I use for making my work easy. These tools have made my work easy as I can easily correct my errors or I can easily make notes many more things.

So If you have any doubt regarding these extensions please do comment in the comment box below.

January 20th, 2021 10:07 am