Banner advertising boosts campaign success 2020 Guide


Online display campaigns

have a lasting positive effect on performance marketing measures. This is the result of a study by thesearchie– an online marketing agency, done for the company iKix My3D. 
In an experiment, our company examined the example of the customer Ikix My3D. The impact of banner advertising on the performance of search engine marketing (SEM).[the_ad_placement id=”content”]
For this purpose, the advertising pressure of the banner campaign for Ikix My3D varied within the six-week trial period. While the settings of the Google Ad Words were kept constant.
We did an analysis of search queries and website traffic. We also compared the results of the display campaign. They showed a significant correlation and recognizable interactions between branding and performance campaign.
Thus, even after the end of the display measure, there was a significant increase in the number of users on the customer’s website.
This result is an evidence that a holistic approach towards banner advertising guarantees the best results. That is how The Searchie sees the effectiveness of a proven cross-media strategy. [the_ad_placement id=”content”]
With this study, we were able to show that branding campaigns increase performance in the long term as well. And not only provide strong, short-term effects.

The mere rating

of an online display campaign based on the click-through rate was too short. Online display advertising not only leads to a branding effect by building brand awareness. It also influences the traffic on the website.
This leads to a significant increase in search queries on Google. It improves the associated click and conversion rate of the Ad Words campaign as well as long-term post-view conversions.”[the_ad_placement id=”content”]


a below-average communication frequency – 3.8 visual contacts per user, the recognition of the advertising media increased by a strong 4.2 percentage points to almost 18 percent.
In relation to the comparison period before the display campaign, visits and page impressions on the advertiser’s website increased by 15 and 18 percent, respectively, during the campaign
The client Ikix My3D is also satisfied with this clear result: “The study came at the right time.
 It helps us to prove the importance of such marketing measures, which are difficult to capture and measure without additional data collection.

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January 20th, 2021 09:42 am