Low Cost Web Design Company in Chennai

In the upcoming years, a well-designed website is not a choice but a need for companies looking for a better online presence. Searchie Digital Pvt Ltd is the most affordable Web Design company in Chennai. We help you reach a good online presence by providing you the best Web Designing services in Chennai. Although Web Design in Chennai is one of our main focuses, we also offer Digital Marketing services. We have been offering quality yet affordable Web Design in Chennai for startup companies & mid-level corporations.

At Searchie Digital, we make sure your ideas and our passion for designing meet. At the same time, we design your website that will help you achieve your business goals. We provide industry-specific and unique affordable Web Design services in Chennai. We strive to convert your dreams into reality. We create a website that we convey your brand voice with your core strength through visual and infographics.

We create web designs that will match with the functionalities we give in the designs. Searchie Digital provides affordable Web Design in Chennai not compromising on the quality. We work hard to satisfy our customers. We have a fresh team of Web Design in Chennai who understands the requirement of the client and create customized Web Design. Our expertise helps us follow the timeline and we get the job done as per our commitment.

Services We Offer

Responsive Web Design
We create responsive websites by designing layouts that users can view using any device. The layout will be in such a way a user can read all information without any struggle.
Dynamic Website Design
Like we have a physical address, a website is the online identity of a business. Searchie creates dynamic websites that will increase a company’s reputation.
Corporate Website Design
We are the most affordable Web Design Company in Chennai. We provide Website services for corporate companies of different sizes.
Static Web Design
We build a static website by developing web pages and uploading them on the server. This is the most affordable Web Design for companies wanting a basic website.
Premium Templates
We are experts in creating effective and affordable Web Design in Chennai. We provide you industry-specific premium and unique templates.
Web Portal Design
Specific niches like E-Commerce and Job companies require a portal website. We create portals with no compromise on quality.
CMS Web Design
Searchie develops user-friendly CMS websites. This way you don’t have to be a tech nerd to navigate the website.
E-Commerce Website Design
If your niche is online shopping, our affordable E-Commerce Website will attract new customers to buy products.

Responsive Web Design

Searchie Digital creates websites that are easy to look and navigate through. We are one of the few Web Design companies in Chennai creating quality responsive websites. We are all for User-Experience and it is the most important in 2020. We make sure the website is responsive to all kinds of devices. Websites we create will not compromise on the look-and-feel. We maintain the functionality of the website also. Needless to say, we provide affordable responsive Web Design for your company.

From SEO point also, a responsive website has a better chance of ranking. Being mobile-friendly has become a necessity than a choice. Our responsive Web Design will not only be mobile-friendly but also be multi-device friendly. When you are device friendly, users looking at your website on any device will be able to navigate easily. This helps you rank better in the SERP results. With our awesome responsive web design, you will achieve that.

Dynamic Web Design

A website having dynamic pages is Dynamic Web Design. It will have different templates, scripts, contents, images, etc. In short, a dynamic website shows different types of content every time we access it. A web page can change with the user accessing the website depending on their engagement and at what time they go to the website. That is, the content will be dynamic according to the users accessing it.

If you are a business spread across the world, dynamic Web Design is the best option. This helps your website show the right content at the right time. Searchie Digital offers you the dynamic Web Design in Chennai at affordable pricing. We have professional Web Designers who are creative with web design. We are a unique Web Designing company in Chennai offering only premium dynamic themes. We make sure your requirement for Web Designing and deliver accordingly. Our Websites are sure to attract new visitors. If you are looking for ROI, we can add as many features to your website.

Corporate Website Design

Searchie Digital is one of the most affordable Web Design Companies in Chennai. We always work to satisfy our clients and make sure their ideas match our designs.

While meeting the expectations, we do not compromise on the look and feel of the Website. We ensure that the theme, pattern, color, style, content are consistent. This leads to good user experience while maintaining the interface. Our designers interact with our clients to understand their needs and bring the best Web Design output for them.

Static Web Design

A website with web pages that have fixed content is a static web Design. It is quite easier to create and use a static website. But it is more of a basic website and is not recommended for companies providing many services or offering products. If you are a company that just wants a web presence, a static website. But, if you are looking to get something out of the website, go for a dynamic website. As in, if you want website traffic, leads or revenue.

A static website loads faster because it doesn’t have many pages. With our great Web Design, you can attract visitors to a static web page. If you are a new company with a minimum number of services, a static website is not a bad option. You can get the best affordable Web Design in Chennai from Searchie Digital.

Premium Templates

Searchie Digital believes in getting the right templates for the right industry. That is why we understand your industry, then select industry-specific Web Design templates for your business. We also understand your goals of the website. This helps us get the themes with the right features for your website. We show premium and unique themes that will go well with your niche.

We only give you templates to choose that are easy to customize and edit. You can choose from those premium Web Design themes that you like. This way, you will have a unique Website made only for you.

Web Portal Design

Searchie, an affordable Web Design company with strong a technical background knows the purpose of a Web Design. We bring the details and display it on the right platform of the website. To develop a website that meets a specific portal, our experts use advanced technologies. They use various tools and the right platform to achieve that. You will have a portal Website that will be well-organized and easy to use by non-techy people.

Cms Web Design

Our company is the best and affordable Website Design agency in Chennai. We provide an interactive website with CMS integrated. This helps you manage the content on the web page efficiently. Our easy and simple design requires no tech knowledge to use the website. Our WordPress integration with CMS will make the job easier for any person who accesses the web pages.

E-Commerce Website Design

While it is good to have a physical store, it is important to have a digital store. Without an online shop, there is no chance to get ahead of the competitors. Our Web Design in Chennai helps you build an E-Commerce website. We develop ECommerce websites in WooCommerce, Magento and other platforms. This makes the job of both businesses and customers easy.

  • SubtitleBasic

  • Static Website
  • 5 - 7 Web Pages
  • 5 GB Space
  • Rs.7999
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  • SubtitleStartup

  • Dynamic Website
  • 0 - 15 Web Pages
  • 5 GB Space
  • Rs.12999
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  • SubtitleAdvance

  • 16 - 20 Web Pages
  • 50 GB Space
  • 10 Email Id
  • Rs.15999
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