Off-page SEO is the backend method of SEO techniques. In Off-page SEO, the work done is not on the website but outside the website. It is the method of promoting the content on the other website or sharing the content with others.

The purpose of doing Off-page SEO is to increase the backlinks of the website. In Off-page SEO we share the content on social media, to relevant websites to reach out to the large audience. This will also help to increase website ranking.

Off-page SEO Activities

Activities which we perform outside the website to promote the ranking on search result. These activities are referred to as off-page SEO activities. Off-page SEO activities include link building, website submission, website promotion and many more.

Here are some of the link building strategies that I use to build links. Let’s have a look at my off-page SEO techniques:

Link Building is King

It is the first step of off-page SEO techniques. Link Strategy is the best contribution to off-page SEO activities. Link building helps to connect with more websites. Quality SEO content helps to get more traffic and links from other websites.

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Many times to get more backlinks people to start doing Black Hat SEO techniques. These SEO techniques will bring traffic to the website fast but only for a short period. In the future, it will affect the website ranking and can also lead to no ranking on the search page.

A referring domain consists of things and it consists of popularity. A topic match between the two domains held together by a link. These consist of three main types of links which populate the web and they are:-

Natural Links

These links are the links that we get for our quality SEO content. Natural links are the reward for the top content on the website. When the people read our content on the website and find it relevant then they will refer this to others. A good SEO content will reduce our off-page SEO activities.

Manually build links

In this method, we approach others to link or share our content on their website. This Off-page SEO technique requires a lot of effort to get backlinks.

In manual link building, we have to link our content with the relevant website. If it’s linked with irrelevant sites, it will affect our SEO ranking.

Self-created links

The self-created links are off-page activity where you promote the website. It is like submitting the website link in the different directory submission websites. This is one of the Off-page SEO techniques.


Out of these three links, the best one is the natural link. It will increase our website ranking as well as it will reduce our off-page SEO work.

It is always better to write the content by yourself by doing the proper research work. We can also hire a content writer for writing SEO friendly content. Then we can promote the content on the relevant website.

Guest posting is the best way to promote content. This Off-page SEO technique will help the publisher to get quality content and we will get quality backlinks. Build your links at a traditional and medium pace to ensure continuity.

While doing the Off-page SEO quality matters the most than the quantity. Many bloggers write huge content but forget to provide valuable information. This affects the website ranking on google.

Links that pass the most link juice is considered to be the best links in Off-page SEO technique. Page authority serves as a clear indicator of the site’s status and tactics of SEO activity.

Harness that social media power

When it comes to ranking a page, social signals make a matter to google. The trend of social media is increasing over a while. We have to build trust among the audience on social media to increase the website popularity.

Marketers feel social media as the most powerful tool for promoting their brand. Magic tricks of shares and likes exist in social media. This will result in the tremendous growth in business and relevant, fresh and engaging content.

You should consider these 3 things while using social media

Active on Social Media: You should be active on social media to know what is going on currently. Be aware of what is trending on social media and post accordingly.

Be Responsive: Always reply to the comment on your post irrespective of positive or negative comments. Try to reply with positive words and thank them for their interest.

Check online reputation: Always check the reputation of your brand. conduct some poll and also ask for a review about the brand.


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Blog Commenting

Commenting on blogs is an excellent off-page SEO activity. Express your views for the article. This will help the writer to improve his mistakes if any. Proper blog commenting will generates organic traffic and improves your ranking.

This method also helps google to see the relevancy of the blog. If more people give positive reviews on the blog then Google will give more priority to that article. This SEO activity will help to increase website traffic.

Trust building

Building trust among the audience is the most difficult task. But once it’s done then you will enjoy the long term success. Building trust takes a long time and effort.

The audience loves quality and relevant content. If we can provide content according to their needs overtime then they will visit our website.

Trust building is like the Off-page SEO technique which needs lots of effort and patience. Don’t deceive your audience with catchy titles and irrelevant content.

Relations with Webmasters

Build a relationship with a webmaster who you admire, get inspired to do work. This will help you to improve your skills by following their footmarks.

Build trust among them and inspire them with your skills that they share your story in their article. This helps to boost your website ranking. You will be getting high-quality backlinks which you are aiming for in your Off-page SEO activities.

In Off-page SEO we should focus on building the relationship than building links. If the quality relationship is built then the backlinks will come automatically.

Web Presence is important

Perfectly done Off-page SEO techniques will increase brand awareness and reputation. Always be active and make your presence felt by the audience. Do something different, attractive and catchy to gather the attention of the people.

Try to make your reader or customers feel like something special. Make your brand make noise with its catchy and attractive message.

Connect with your audience more often and try to get engaged with them.


These are all my off-page SEO techniques to increase website traffic. These SEO techniques are more engaging in working. Comment below your SEO techniques and I will include them if it is a good technique.

March 23rd, 2020 09:08 am