We worked many-many time and got perfect result!


Work with us and get leadership!


We worked many-many time and got perfect result! Work with us and getting leadership!

Our Digital Marketing Services

We Searchie Digital – The Affordable Digital Marketing Company In Chennai has good experience in Digital Marketing  with the below services which helps you to grow your digital maketing needs
Digital Marketing

Pay Per Click

Pay just for result! We can give clients for your business tomorrow!Read More »

Search Engine Optimization

One page optimization and link building strategyRead More »

Content Marketing

Strategy for growing loyalty of your clients and helping you gain a top ranking position on search enginesRead More »

Social Media

Online reputation management and advertising campaigns in social mediaRead More »

Search Engine Marketing

Complex strategy with link building, pay-per-click campaing, content marketing and otherRead More »

Local Search

Directory submission, online reputation management and optimization services for your regionRead More »


We, Searchie Digital, will help you create engaging websites using latest technologies like WordPress, Magento & Ruby. Our company provides 360 degree Digital Marketing service from SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing. And through traditional marketing, we help you with branding.

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    Why Us?

    We provide you the complete solution for all your Digital needs like Digital Marketing, Web designing, Branding, Promotion under one roof.
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    Get Your Website Listing ahead of your targeted audience through our greatest SEO Services in Chennai.

    We help you to get 360 degree cutting-edge over digital marketing techniques to help grow your business. We follow new trends in all aspects of Digital Marketing. New trends determines the future of marketing.

    Want to get on Page 1 of Google and need to extend your enquiry we target your customer and we workout, we believe providing quality Digital Marketing Services in Chennai.

    Our Special Services

    Search Engine Optimization

    Social Media Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    Content Writing

    Website Design

    Email Marketing


    There are a lot of Digital Marketing company in Chennai. You might find it difficult to identify the right SEO companies to promote your website, products or services.
    Look for companies that has digital media & SEO experts. Choose a company that provides a 360 degree service from SEO, SEM, SMO, Content & Email Marketing.

    SEO services

    SEO is the process of increasing the website traffic through website visibility.  We can increase visibility by reaching various users in the Google Search Engine. SEO helps us get results without any paid promotions. We can improve our SEO on website and attract visitors. SEO targets various kinds of searches to rank in SERP.

    SMO services

    We use various social media platforms to market products. In today’s world everyone is using internet. Social media platforms are in high demand as every minute consumers are seeing it. Social Media Marketing is a great advantage as it helps in proper coverage of your product. Many people can get an idea of your products.

    Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is the new age method of marketing. We use digital technologies on the Internet, applications and various other digital mediums. The channels of digital marketing are systems made. They are used to create, transmit, and accelerate the value of a product from a producer to a user .

    Content Writing

    Creation of Content by professional writers for online is Content Writing. The writing should be in an engaging manner for people to view online. These writers are people who are very tech-savvy. They write content in the form of blogs, articles and any other post types. The specific skills needed for content writing are good writing skills, superb grammar.

    Website Design

    Website design comprises of various types of skills and disciplines. A Web Designer needs it to create and maintain the websites. Website design covers different areas such as graphic design, authoring, UX/UI design. Website Design is the design process of front-end design of the website. It also includes markup writing. Website designers have to have a knowledge.

    Email Marketing

    Email Marketing is the process of sending an official message to a large number of people using email. We can use Email Marketing to send ads, business request, any sales or donations. In the process it also builds brand awareness, trust and loyalty among consumers. There is a tool called Mailchimp which is the most common route used by businesses.

    Want help with digital marketing services in chennai?

    So you have a website but is it ranking on SERP? Are your using the right Digital Marketing mix for your business? How do you measure it? Searchie Digital understands your business first before creating your customized Digital Marketing strategy.
    We have worked on SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content & Email Marketing for many businesses. Contact us and start evaluating your digital marketing plan!


    Once you start with Digital Marketing, you will start seeing some growth in a short span of time. It could be an increase in the number of visitors, website traffic, social shares or anything.
    The improvements might be minimal in the beginning. But with consistency and right kind of  marketing, you will start to see humongous results.
    We achieve success when we start making conversions and revenue.We have to choose the right digital marketing mix. Then, nothing can provide success like Digital Marketing does.

    Digital Marketing makes it easy to run many campaigns at the same time. If we need to promote different offers and products at the same time, we can do so with the help of Digital Marketing.
    You can run as many campaigns as you want in PPC alone. But Digital Marketing is more than PPC. We can run different social media campaigns in different channels at the same time.
    There is no need to spend much in running these campaigns but you can see a huge ROI. We can also track these mass campaigns and look at the results.

    Digital Marketing is easy not only to identify the right audience. But also to socialize with them. We can connect with them through our website, blog, social media posts.
    If we put content relevant to our niche and in layman terms, people will relate to it. Create interactive websites to engage with people. The best way to actually socialize with people is by responding to them.
    Replying to messages or comments, putting a post for users. Social Media makes it easy to reach and socialize with our ideal audience.

    Marketing and promoting online is easier than traditional marketing. We need to first identify our search keywords. Then, we have to identify our audience.
    Once we have these two, we can draw campaigning plans to promote our business. We can create a campaign depending on the goal to reach. If we need to market a particular, we can create a landing page .
    And we can promote that page. Digital marketing doesn’t need huge chunks of money to promote. But can make huge returns.


    Contact us to start evaluating your digital marketing plan!


    Good words. Good people


    It is now easier to identify online stores than physical stores. So we have more chances of being found online when we have an E-Commerce website.
    We have to create a website with all our products, description, features & pricing.After that, it is easy to market our products.
    We can give promotional offers to our products. We can promote it on various online channels to attract our audience.

    With the help of Email and Social Marketing tools, it is easy to do Email & Social Media Marketing. We have to first identify our target audience. We can segment them and create separate campaigns.
    Only Digital Marketing allows us to provide content according each set of audience. That helps us reach the right content to the right audience without much difficulty.

    SEO is the first and most important process of Digital Marketing. Without SEO, none of the other marketing is worth doing. The first thing is have a goal we need to achieve through SEO.
    We can make revenue with the help of SEO. For that, we have to identify the right keywords for our website. Make the website rich with these keywords and increase the visibility.
    When many people start coming to our website, conversions will happen. And conversion will lead to revenue.

    Content is the king. This is something that goes without saying. We have quality content with good amount of keywords. Will the content market itself?
    No, We have to put our content on various channels and market it to reach our audience.Content could be anything.
    It needn’t be only blog. It could be an image, infographic, a video or anything. But for it to reach people, we need to do Content Marketing.

    Searchie Digital Team

    Our team values more than big budgets.
    We do our best to meet our customer’s expectations, always on time.


    Reach to your customers before they reach your competitors using Digital Marketing
    Increasing site traffic
    Increase your profits
    Growth in the number of requests and calls
    Increasing brand awareness


    We, Searchie Digital, will help you create engaging websites using latest technologies like WordPress, Magento & Ruby. Our company provides 360 degree Digital Marketing service from SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing. And through traditional marketing, we help you with branding.

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