5 Things to consider while link building in SEO

link building in seo

Link building in SEO is the most difficult part of the search engine optimization process. This is where every webmaster spending their time most to lift their site in every search engine ranking.

Taking into account or as a sample is an SEO contest like Busby SEO Test where every entry is pushing their entries to the top of the search engine with thousands of backlinks are generated to help their site. But to be effective, what are the things you need to consider in the link building process. Let us list a few of them.

Steps in link building in SEO

link building in seo

1. Proper Anchor Text

Let us say you want to rank in “Busby SEO Test Contest” key phrase. Having a backlink with “blog” as an anchor text will have less weight in your ranking(though still considered as a linkback) over a link back with the complete key phrase you are targeting.

2. Relevancy of Backlinks

If you are link building, a much better approach to get links is to stay on topic. If your site niche is medicine, put more effort into getting links with medicine content rather than pursuing links coming from cars.

3. Linkback Authority

Pay attention to sites with google authority status. Google authority sites tend to have site links over search engine result page. If possible in combination to tip #2 get a link from those sites.

link building in seo

High PageRank sites like having a Google Pagerank 6 to 8 can also be considered as an authority site considering their score on search engine eyes.

4. Link Farm or free for all links

Try to avoid those site, normally search engines ignore most of this site and will just be considered as spam heaven.

5. Your website structure

This is the most important thing to consider. Don’t expect someone will link back to you if you have no content, product, services to provide. Have your site organized and structured before proceeding in the link building in SEO process.

Those five factors though mostly basic in terms of search engine optimization, they should not be ignored in doing link building for your site. Incoming links are a measurement of the popularity of your site but to note that the quality of links is important over quantity.

May 27th, 2020 02:10 pm