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As because of current online traffic search engine optimization now becomes the necessity of World Wide Web. SEO is the key source of presenting the ease of accessibility of your website on the internet. It is the perfect way to increasing the visibility of your site in the major search engines. Appropriate search engine optimization offers online companies superior probabilities of catching users while raising their global presence.

Search engine optimization is divided mainly into two parts: on page optimization and off page optimization. Through on page optimization you can promote static and dynamic websites. In on page optimization we have to build Meta tags, Meta titles and Meta descriptions. It works effectively for dynamic web sites. In this technique, when search engines spider caches the web pages it saves some of the major keywords from the web content which have excellent keyword density. Whereas in case off page optimization the website design and development will plays an important role. Link building is one of the major strategies in off page optimization as the number of high quality out bound links promotes a website very quickly. The following are the different categories under off page:

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